Common Innerwear Mistakes To Avoid

Common Innerwear Mistakes To Avoid

Are you one of those guys who think your underwear and vest to be an unimportant piece of the garment just because you wear them beneath your main outfit? If you have been careless enough to ignore the intimate wear that touches your skin, you might have been making these mistakes.

Wearing the wrong size

Wearing a size smaller or bigger than your correct fit. If you are wearing underwear that is too small, it will irritate and injure your groin area and waist. If you are wearing a bigger size, it will be loose, provide no protection to your manhood, and bunch up under the outer clothes.

A smaller-sized vest or undershirt will roll up, especially if your belly is on the plumper side. Also, you will have more trouble taking it off than wearing it. Vests shouldn’t be loose otherwise they won’t fit well inside your shirt or T-shirt. 

Always size yourself properly and refer to size charts.

Wearing tight underwear

Doing this is not a great idea. It may result in chafing your sensitive area. Even underwear which is too fit isn’t good to wear all day long for the same reason. In your relaxed times, you should be wearing comfy and loose underwear like boxers

Wearing the wrong style

Wearing the wrong style of underwear and vests that do not complement the outer clothing is a major faux-pas. For instance, a boxer below well-fitted pants will result in a crumpled and bunched appearance. Wearing undies that have prominent seams beneath skin-hugging tight pants will look shabby. 

Vests and undershirts can be worn as outer layers in informal settings only. If you think it looks dapper to flaunt them at a formal occasion, be sure to have the panache to pull it off. Avoid if it is a corporate occasion.


Wearing the wrong colours

Wearing printed or bright-coloured underwear beneath white or light-coloured pants is a common mistake that many men make. Similarly, for vests or undershirts, go for colours that are not visible from inside your shirt. If it’s an official occasion, you’ll be at the receiving end of a lot of jokes! Wearing nude colour or lighter shades is advised if you wear a white shirt or pants. Don’t wear vests that poke out of your shirt sleeves or from above your collar.

Improper wash and care

Don’t put your undies, vests, and undershirts into the machine for washing or drying at high speed. It will cause unnecessary pilling, loosen the elasticity of the waistband, and may even cause holes. Always choose the delicate mode. Use a mesh bag if you lack time. Wash with hands if possible. And hang them for drying or tumble dry at low heat.

Do not bleach, dry clean your iron your innerwear. Your innerwear gives you crucial protection. Try to care for it a little. Do read the wash and care manual accompanying your innerwear. 

Wearing threadbare innerwear

Is your innerwear faded, or are there holes in your underwear and inner vest? It’s time to discard these and buy some fresh pairs of underwear and vests.

Not caring about the fabric

The fabric should be breathable to let air into your private areas and underarms. The fabric needs to be moisture-wicking as well to avoid sweat staining and bad odour. Special care should be taken for humid and hot climates. 

The fabric should be skin-friendly to avoid rashes and of superior quality to avoid pilling. Eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, better cotton, and micromodal are few good options.

Not buying stretchable innerwear

Your underwear and inner-vest should be stretchable to allow you freedom in movement and be involved in activities unrestricted.

Wrong inner for the weather

A snug innerwear may be fine if the weather is cold. On the other hand, snugness in hot or humid conditions would result in profuse sweating. Moisture retention also becomes an issue in sultry times.

Using harsh detergents

If you are washing your delicate innerwear with harsh soap, you might cause them to pill a bit too soon, the colours to wash off and damage the shape.

Wearing the same innerwear for days

Since inner garments are vital for intimate hygiene, wearing them for more than one day is simply like inviting infections, allergies, jock itch, and rashes. Do wash and change your underwear and vest regularly.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? We are pretty sure you would be taking care to avoid making them after reading this.

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