Timeless Prints - Men's Underwear Style

Timeless Prints - Men's Underwear Style

Patterns and prints are always interesting. If you are a fun-loving man, the designs and the patterns mean ultimate swag. For the creative one, they are a means to express their creativity. For the dreamer, patterns provide that haven to dream. We tend to gradually shift from black and white to color and print – be it films, photographs, or even underwear and loungewear.


For decades, plain underwear in hues of black, grey, and blue have regularly featured in men's closets. However, printed underwear is not a new concept. Prints have always been around. But now, they are in demand and gaining immense popularity as a fashion statement.

Why printed underwear?

We know you love solid colors and dark shades. But prints lend a new twist to your everyday look. 

Prints lend you a sense of fun and an escape from the everyday routine. Even during regular workdays, those printed boxers and pajamas provide a sense of being on holiday.

Wear those prints to spice up your love life. Your partner will be surprised to see their man in this new spunky avatar. Time for a role play? Go ahead and wear printed underwear for an exciting night.

There are prints and patterns available online in underwear, suiting every mood and personality. If you are looking for elegant stuff, there are abstract patterns and self-designs. There are checks and polka dots, stripes and typography, conversational and floral. Don't be apprehensive. Go for the patterned wear and see a new you!

Almo Timeless Prints

Almo has launched its new collection, Timeless Prints, which is vibrant with a touch of the classic in it. Currently, prints are available in briefs, trunks, and boxers. It will bring out the inner confidence in you.


Dario Micromodal Timeless Prints

The timeless printed briefs and trunks are available in three stylish designs. 

Illusion Navy 

Briefs and trunks add the perfect amount of colour and elegance to your intimate wardrobe.

Honeycomb Blue   

Briefs and trunks are inspired from the complex formations in nature around us. 

Almo Grey 

Briefs and trunks have been crafted keeping the spirit of a wolf in mind, the one that represents Almo. Steady, determined and smart. 

Made from the micromodal fabric these printed briefs and trunks are ultra soft, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and have stylish silver no-roll up waistbands that compliment the prints.  


Rico Organic Cotton Timeless Prints 

The timeless printed briefs and trunk are available in two stylish designs. 

Grass Green 

Briefs and trunks have white prints to bring you closer to nature. 

Midnight Blue 

Briefs and trunks embody sophisticated wavy lines, dots, and circles. 

Made from 100% GOTS-approved organic cotton, Almo printed briefs and trunks are thrice softer than regular cotton. They have a contrasting black waistband with our stylish logo. The fabric used to make them is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. So, you will feel fresh while looking chic.


Fresco BCI Cotton Timeless Prints

Our boxers are available in four prints to give you a relaxed feeling of being on a beach. 

There's Tropical Green with coconut trees and breezy print all over. 

The Breezy Blue boxers come with yacht prints. 

Enjoy watching your favourite sport, sporting our Sporty Navy with rugby print.

Admire the hues of the sky wearing Sunset Pink boxers printed all over with whales. 

These printed boxers are full of comfort, being softer than regular cotton. They come with a front-fly for easy access as well as a buttoned back pocket.
All our underwear are available in sizes from small to double XL. Do refer to the size chart to choose your correct size. The printed briefs, trunks, and boxers are available singly or in packs of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Check out and find your best fit.
A little about briefs, trunks, and boxers
If you are confused between the underwear types, here is a short description of briefs, trunks, and boxers.

Briefs are the type of underwear that usually covers the area from below the waist to the groin. They provide just enough fitted support to genitalia. They are best suited for daily use and athletic activities.

Trunks are the undies that reach till mid-thigh. Suitable for everyday use and intense physical activities, they are superb for men who want to avoid chafing of inner thighs.

Boxers are loose-fitting underwear and look like shorts. They can be used as loungewear or sleepwear as well. For a detailed read, check here.


Wash and Care

Take care to wash in cold water by hand or in the machine in gentle mode. Avoid wringing and bleaching. Do make a point to read the wash and care manual. Don't dry under intense sunlight.

There is no need for you to have a monochrome drawer of underwear. Prints will enhance your fashion quotient and build your inner confidence. So, avail a pair of Timeless Prints or two, and lend a new charm to your personality.


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