6 common underwear problems that men face

6 common underwear problems that men face

How many times have you felt uncomfortable throughout the day, knowing it was caused by the wrong type of underwear you got into in the morning? You’re not alone! It happens to nearly all men once in a while. Out of all the clothing items that men wear, one of the worst discomforts is caused by that intimate piece of clothing. We are laying down the 6 most common underwear problems in our daily lives and ways to fix them.

Sticking to the skin

One of the most uneasy situations you can find yourself in is when the underwear is damp and sticky due to heavy sweating or water. It can happen on a hot and humid day, a rainy day, or even when out on the beach. The best bet is to pick underwear made from cotton or fabric blends that have moisture-wicking and breathability features. If you tend to sweat heavily, choose pairs with slimmer waistbands.

Heating down below

If you are feeling warm around your groin area, wearing the wrong size underwear is the most likely culprit. Because of the tight underwear, you will be sweaty and heated up down there, with skin rashes and redness. Too loose and you will feel a lack of support while the fabric will bunch up under the pants and create itchiness and discomfort. Always pick underwear with the right fit for your body.

Waistband Woes

A tight waistband will leave visible and sometimes painful impressions on your skin. On the other hand, once a perfect fit, an old underwear could now lose its elasticity, lacking the hold it gave you earlier. In both cases, it is time for you to chuck these pairs and go for a brand new one. Check your current size and refer to the size chart.

Constant adjusting

Men adjusting themselves in the lower part of the body is not an uncommon scene. It also looks awkward and unbecoming. The most common reason is the formation of wedgies. It can be because of fitting issues in the leg bands, which create problems in keeping them in shape and place. Constant wedgies are a sure sign of getting a new properly fitted pair

Itchy and Scratchy

Intimate hygiene is of utmost importance. If you are not changing your underwear after one use, then you are potentially risking your health. You are exposing yourself to a host of health problems like skin infections and allergies, sores, itchiness, and even urinary tract infections. Adopting a personal hygiene regime is crucial. Put away your underwear for washing after daily use.

Mismatched with your attire

A common mistake by men is to wear the same type of underwear under any and every attire. The various kinds of undergarments are suited to different outfits and purposes. Briefs give maximum support and go well with perfect for everyday dressing and formal occasions. Trunks are perfect under any outfit and even moderate sports. Boxer briefs are best suited with denim, coarse and woolen fabrics, whereas boxers go well with loose pants, pajamas, and shorts. You should have a healthy mix of the various types of underwear in your wardrobe.

Now you know the common problems that most men face, and how you can fix them. At Almo, we have taken utmost care of all your underwear needs. Browse our collection here.


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