Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Underwear

Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Underwear

Think of clothing or apparel fashion, and one of the first things that pop to your mind is cotton! Cotton rules the fabric world. Be it apparel, towels, clothing accessories, bedding, home furnishing, or medical dressing, you will find cotton everywhere.

Cotton Farming

It is the world’s most cultivated crop, using 2.5% of arable land alone. It is also a water guzzler and heavily dependent on chemicals. While it supports the livelihood of more than 250 million people, it also negatively impacts the health of people working on the farms and the natural resources of soil, air, and water.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is one of the ethical and sustainable alternatives to regular cotton. It means to grow cotton crops without using harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or any other toxic chemical. The benefits of organic cotton are manifold.

Benefits of Organic cotton Innerwear

Cotton and cotton blends are the most commonly used fabric in making underwear, innerwear and loungewear.  Intimate wear brands have increasingly started the use of organic cotton as the preferred fabric. It is because there are many benefits of wearing organic cotton innerwear. Organic cotton has the properties that make the underwear breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking along with being ethical and environmentally friendly. We are discussing some of the major benefits that the use of organic cotton underwear has.

Reduction of environmental footprint

Organic cotton is produced using an eco-friendly method. A chemical-free process prevents water contamination, minimal use of pesticides ensures better health for farmers and does not deplete the soil of its fertility. The overall reduction in the consumption of water, energy, and emissions reduces the environmental footprint that regular cotton cultivation has.



Safe and non-hazardous work

Builds soil organic matter

Fair wages - better livelihoods

Increase in inter-cropping & composting

Good for health

88% less water consumption than regular cotton

Build sustainable communities

62% less energy consumption than regular cotton

Beneficial to the ecosystem of animals & insects


No harmful components

Organic cotton does not use genetically modified seeds, uses very few chemicals and pesticides. As a result, the fabric made from it is free from any of these harmful chemicals, harmful to us and to the ecosystem the crop is grown in. 

Highest Certification

Organic cotton clothes are made from ethical practices and are extremely safe. Manufacturers have to adhere to strict standards. Our Rico Organic Cotton collection is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the leading textile processing certification for organic fibers in the world. It takes into account ecological and social criteria. 

Avoids Skin Allergies

If you have an allergy or chemical sensitivity, organic cotton will be apt for you, since it does not retain any harmful chemicals. Even if you do not suffer from any skin allergy, the fabric will feel great on your skin.

Super Comfortable

The organic fabric is way softer than regular cotton. The organic cotton picking process preserves the length of the fiber, which results in a softer material. It also uses more natural dyes, which is skin-friendly. 

It is a highly breathable and moisture-wicking material, which makes your innerwear ultra-comfortable to wear. 

Reduces bacteria growth

Cotton is known as one of the most breathable fabrics. Organic cotton has all that breathability without any toxic chemical residue. Many synthetic materials trap moisture around your groin area and invite all kinds of bacterial growth. The organic fabric has anti-microbial properties and reduces the probability of bacterial infection much more than synthetic blends or regular cotton.

A Sustainable Future

The cultivation and manufacturing processes used for organic cotton are the way ahead for sustainable agriculture. It is estimated that by 2025, more than two-thirds of the world will face water shortages. Organic cotton farming is the future of cotton farming which is eco-friendly and sustainable in every aspect.

Responsible Consumption

When you buy any clothing or apparel of organic cotton, you are contributing to water and soil conservation, better wages and livelihoods of farmers, and cleaner air. As more consumers choose organic fabrics, the apparel fashion world will adopt more and more sustainable and eco-friendly practices while making clothes.

Rico Organic Cotton Innerwear by Almo

At Almo, we believe in sustainable and ethical clothing. We use organic cotton for our Rico Organic Cotton series. 

Rico Organic Cotton wear is a collection of innerwear and loungewear crafted from GOTS-approved organic cotton. The collection consists of underwear, vests, and T-shirts.

Rico Briefs, Trunks and Boxer-briefs

Our Rico Organic Cotton underwear is made with 93% GOTS-approved organic cotton and 7% elastane. The fine elastic makes sure that you are not troubled by marks and the bio-finish ensures a fresh and clean feeling throughout. You get a redefined underwear experience.

Rico Organic Cotton Melange Vest

Our Melange range of innerwear is made with 100% GOTS-approved organic cotton. Softer than regular cotton, this vest has high moisture-wicking capabilities, and keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The organic fabric we use cares for your skin.

Rico Organic Cotton Melange T-shirt

Want to take the day-to-day experience of wearing cotton a notch up? Our Melange T-shirts, made from 100% GOTS-approved organic cotton, and with superb moisture-wicking capability, elevate the cotton experience and keep you feeling soft, fresh, and stylish.

How to take care of your Rico Underwear and Innerwear

The Rico range of underwear and innerwear is low maintenance with easy wash guidelines. It can be hand washed or machine cold washed with like colours. If using tumble dry, then put it on low heat. The underwear should not be bleached, ironed, wrung, or dry-cleaned.

When you choose Almo, you go for innerwear and loungewear apparel that are ethically conscious and promote sustainability through the fashion value chain. We source all our fabrics that are beneficial for the ecological ecosystem and the end consumers. Organic cotton is one of the most beneficial fabrics for the sustainable future of the fashion and clothing segment.




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