Monsoon 2021 - Dress Up Right

Monsoon 2021 - Dress Up Right

The Right Way To Dress

The thumb rule of dressing right during the rainy season is to choose something which dries up quickly.


Choose wisely! Avoid thicker fabrics like denim which will take forever to dry. While synthetic fabrics are preferable if it’s raining because they dry easily, they might not suit your skin if it is humid around, especially when not actually raining, and may cause itchy armpits if your skin is sensitive. Wear cotton in that case or moisture-wicking fabric blend such as micro modal or any other as may suit your skin.


Avoid tie and dye shirts and clothes which are colourfast. If you sweat profusely or if it rains, in either case, you won’t like to be caught with colours running down.

Solid colours like red, yellow, green, and other bright colours will help you beat the grey weather and the mood. You can brighten yourself with florals, prints, patterns and funky hues.

Sheer Clothes

Avoid sheer clothes or thin material that is likely to get transparent and stick to your skin in case you get drenched.


Avoid wearing jeans or long pants unless you absolutely have to. Instead, prefer to wear cargo, capris or shorts as much as possible. Or else you will have to roll up your pants looking absolutely uncool or end up having to deal with a muddy pair of pants. T-shirts made from moisture-wicking fabric that has anti-microbial properties, are ideal for monsoons.

For a formal look, you can opt for a pair of chinos with a cotton shirt. A waterproof watch will complement the look fabulously.

Must-haves - waterproof bomber jacket, windcheater, umbrella

The Right Innerwear


Equally important is that you are wearing the right underwear and inner vests. Your undergarments should be moisture-wicking and breathable, which will help you prevent scratchy skin and rashes. Also, wear your correct fit so that you are not uncomfortable throughout the day. 

The Right Footwear

You might have to cross muddy puddles this season. It is best to keep your favourite leather shoes inside. With many rubber-soled and waterproof options available in footwear, you no longer have to go for that boring pair kept aside for rains. Instead, you can opt for flip-flops, clogs, washable sneakers or waterproof shoes. Match your footwear style with your outfit and you will look dapper as usual.


Proper hygiene is very important to remain dry and comfortable. Don’t let sweat accumulate on your neck, armpits, between your thighs and on your feet. Powder your neck and armpits, if required, and put on a skin-friendly deodorant.


If you are soaked through, change into dry clothes as soon as possible, preferably after bathing. If wet, remove your shoes and socks immediately. Wash and dry your feet carefully. Change your socks regularly, for they will have a tendency to smell and will cause the whole house to stink. It is also important that you air your shoes well.

Don’t skip bathing. Change your undergarments and top innerwear daily. Wear absolutely dry underwear and an inner vest as well as your outfit. Damp clothes not only give out a musty and bad smell but are also a breeding ground for germs and infections. With bacterial and fungal infections always lurking in the shadows you should never compromise on your hygiene. And do not wear a wet mask!

Your monsoon experience need not be a plain and bland affair. While you turn your style quotient up, take care of your health, hygiene, and wellness.

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