Why Every Man Should Wear Inner Vest

Why Every Man Should Wear Inner Vest

The inner vest is an undergarment for the upper part of the body. The two most popular styles of inner vests are with sleeves also known as the undershirt and the one without sleeves is known as simply the vest. As the variety has increased so has the debate around the topic of wearing an inner vest as well. We tell you why wearing an inner vest should be a part of your daily wear.


Uses and benefits of an inner vest


To reduce the transparency of the upper outfit

One of the most common reasons is to reduce the transparency of the dress shirt or upper outfit. This prevents the skin and the chest hairs from being seen from under the shirt that you are wearing.

To absorb sweat

If you live in hot and humid climatic conditions, then vests are an absolute necessity. It absorbs the sweat from your body and prevents it from seeping into your upper shirt or T-shirt. Thus it also helps to fend off sweat staining of your shirt.

Prevent deodorant staining

Most of us use deodorants. Inner vests prevent deodorant staining of the shirt of the upper outfit and hence maintain the long life of these clothes.

Create a smooth appearance

Inner vests aptly cover the bulges and love handles of your body and give smoothness and uniformity. This makes your appearance shapely and well-groomed.

Comfort and protection

Undershirts and inner vests provide comfort while wearing clothes as they provide a layer of protection from unnecessary rubbing and friction of the upper garment. Also help avoid itchiness and skin issues that may be caused by fabric, stitching, seams, buttons, laces, or any such paraphernalia.

An additional layer of warmth

During cooler temperatures, vests offer an additional layer of warmth to your body.

Used as upper layer

They are not just worn as undershirts but also worn as the upper garment during gymming, athletic activities, and even just casually daily to beat the heat.

Problems with inner vests

If you are sometimes left wondering as to why you bother with donning an inner vest, all you might have encountered one of the following problems.

  • The fabric material is of poor quality and there are holes after a few washes.
  • Low quality or poor cotton blend might cause allergies in the underarm region.
  • If you aren’t careful with the colour of the vest or undershirt, it might show underneath your dress shirt.
  • If the vest isn’t moisture-wicking and you are prone to sweating profusely, you might regret wearing that sweat-soaked undergarment.
  • The vest might make you feel hot making you regret wearing that extra piece of layer
  • If you are wearing a smaller waist than your size, particularly if you have a paunch, then the vest might roll up and will remain above your belly area.
  • If the shape of your inner vest is not appropriately aligned with the shape of your shirt or t-shirt, then it might just peek over your upper garment.

Points to check when buying an inner vest

All the problems listed above can be taken care of by keeping these details in mind while shopping for inner vests and undershirts.

Fabric - The fabric is the most important factor. It determines a lot of features such as sweat-absorbent, moisture-wicking (absorbing and drying), softness, and lightness. The inner vest should be thin and stretchy for it to function properly. Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make innerwear.

Colour - Unlike underwear, the colour of the inner vest has much more importance, since the upper clothing (shirt, t-shirt, kurta) tends to have more transparency or sheer-ness than pants or a pair of jeans. Wearing a dark coloured vest is a major faux pas. That is why white is the commonest colour for the inner vest.

Size - You should always size yourself properly and refer to the size chart of the brand that you are buying from since sizes vary from one brand to another. A smaller size vest will keep rolling up on your belly and coming out from the tuck. A larger size will bunch up and create a shabby look as well heat and sweat in that area.


Almo Vests and Undershirts

At Almo, we have kept every pain point in mind and crafted inner vests that make your undergarment experience a pleasing one. We use fabrics that infuse your innerwear with superb moisture-wicking capabilities, maximum breathability, anti-microbial properties, and superlative softness.

Our inner vests come in three cool collections for you to choose from, and take care of your everyday need.


Dario MicroModal Slim Fit Vest



We ensure that when you wear a vest under your clothing, you feel nothing as if the vest is part of your skin. Our Dario MicroModal Slim Fit vests are made of soft and fine Tencel fibres blended with elastane. It keeps you cool and fresh without any gathering or roll-up.

Colours available - White, Black

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Vest



Our Fresco BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Cotton vest is softer than regular cotton. Anti-odour and skin-friendly, this vest keeps you feeling fresh and stylish throughout the day.

Colours available: Ice melt blue, Black, White, Tan


Rico Organic Cotton Melange Vest



The Rico Organic Cotton vest is so soft that it feels like your second skin, leaving you with a light and fresh innerwear experience.

Colours available: Peach, Brown, Green, Off-white, Light Blue


Dario MicroModal Slim Fit Undershirt



Our Dario MicroModal Slim Fit undershirts come in two versions - U-neck undershirt and V-neck undershirt. Snug and comfortable, they are perfect for formal dressing, easy to tuck in, and leave you with a premium soft feel.

Colours Available: White, Black


At Almo, we craft our vests and undershirts from fabrics that are produced eco-consciously, sustainably, and also are skin-friendly. We use superior quality micro modal fibres, organic cotton, and BCI cotton in our various innerwear collections. To impart great quality, special spinning, weaving, and bio-wash techniques are used making them durable.  Even after many washes, they will remain the same and you will be happy with your purchase. So, tuck them in without any apprehension.


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