Work from Home Style Ensemble 2021

Work from Home Style Ensemble 2021

The year 2020 made us change the very way we work, shop, and meet. As we started spending more time at home, it also changed the way we dress. Now we could live in our comfiest clothes as much as we wished for. It can become very easy to descend into a style slump where the clothes you wear make no difference whatsoever. But just because you are not venturing out to your office doesn’t mean you should be frumpy about your style. Being sharply dressed should not compromise on your comfort, ease, and lounging. After all, smart dressing affects your mental agility and boosts your confidence. Not to worry because we have made a list of super comfortable loungewear options. This will keep your style quotient high.


man wearing almo green t-shirt


T-shirts not only form the base of your WFH ensemble, but it is also versatile in purpose. T-shirts are suitable for every occasion. They are appropriate casual wear for whether you are binge-watching your favourite series online or planning to work out inside, or analyzing the latest report at work. When you are working, it is best to stick to solid coloured t-shirts.

Track Pants – T-shirt Sets

man reading book and lying on ground wearing white almo t-shirt and rifle green trackpants


What best to wear if you get a lower which is comfortable, allows you to move, and yet gives you the feel of being in a semi-formal mode. Track pants are the epitome of stylish comfort for your legs. Essential for when you are attending the online zoom calls or having a team meeting. Pair it up with a premium plain T-shirt which makes your style a chic and elegant one. Put on a blazer or a coat and the entire ensemble will give a serious professional vibe. We definitely recommend this look.

Shorts – T-shirt set

man sitting on a chair wearing almo t-shirt and green almo shorts


Slogging on a very important presentation? Opt for relaxed wear, and pick that comfy pair of shorts. Apt for the days when you have no video meetings to attend, shorts have made their mark on the WFH wardrobe. A set of tee and shorts is perfect for the everyday work that you do from your home office.

Be comfortable inside

It is very important that you are as comfortable inside as you look stylish on the outside. Always wear underwear that has the perfect fit and suits your skin. At Almo, we have all the options that you need for that immaculate fit and features-rich underwear. You can look through our collection here.

Other Essentials

There are few essentials that we recommend you should have.

A blazer or a coat adds a formal look to the relaxed and cozy work environment. They also are a necessary requirement for a formal meeting with your team or a review meeting.

A comfy pair of shoes or sandals complement your work from home office look. You should have your favourite pair of sneakers handy.

Some other useful tips

While your dapper look will not only boost your inner confidence, it will also present you in a positive and upbeat image within your colleagues. However, if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, it can put a dent in your efforts. Follow these simple rules to maintain a healthy and happy home office.

  • A messy background does not look nice or professional. Always clean up the place where you are working. You can put some desk plants to make it classier.
  • Avoid getting out of bed and getting straight into your work clothes. A smart and professional dressing up also includes taking a shower and combing up your hair.

While stepping out and travelling to the office for work might have given way to a new normal of working at your office desk at home, the need to look and feel confident and smart is still very much required. Make sure that your daily wear makes you confident, comfortable, and smart.


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