The future of sustainable cotton wear – Better Cotton Initiative

The future of sustainable cotton wear – Better Cotton Initiative

One of the most important aspects of deciding what underwear to buy is of course its fabric. Cotton rules the fabric world. It has all the properties that fabric should have, to be a perfect base for underwear.

However, cotton is also the most chemical-dependent crop in the world. It is also a water guzzler. It depletes the soil, pollutes the air, and negatively impacts the health of cotton workers. But cotton is also the main fibre for the textile and apparel sectors, and many livelihoods are dependent on it.

To create a sustainable system for cotton production and manufacturing, many initiatives are being implemented. One of the leading and most successful initiatives is the Better Cotton Initiative or BCI.

What is Better Cotton Initiative

The Better Cotton Initiative is the largest sustainable programme in the world dedicated to cotton production and processing. The Better Cotton Initiative was started to make cotton production

  • Better for the people engaged in the production of the crop
  • Better for the environment where the crop is grown
  • Better and sustainable for the future of the sectors involved

BCI works with stakeholders throughout the value chain by addressing and working on the negative impacts of producing and processing cotton. It provides training and capacity building to farmers on adopting agricultural practices which are sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Benefits of BCI Cotton

Better Cotton has all the benefits of the cotton fabric, along with the bonus of less damage to the natural resources and their judicious usage. Some of the benefits of wearing BCI cotton garments are:

  • Softer than the conventional cotton fabric
  • Breathable and allows for airflow
  • Is skin-friendly and does not irritate the skin like synthetic fibres
  • Strong and durable, long-lasting clothes
  • Anti-microbial and odour-free
  • Low maintenance in terms of wash and store

Fresco BCI Cotton Loungewear by Almo

At Almo, all our clothing lines, including underwear, topwear, and loungewear is made from sustainable fabrics. We use BCI cotton for our stylish, comfortable, and premium loungewear, the Fresco collection. The Almo BCI range consists of boxers, shorts, track pants, and vests.

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Boxers

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Boxers

Designed to provide ultra comfort and freshness, the Fresco BCI boxers come in quirky and cool prints. Best suited when you are down for a binge-watching marathon or when you are having a not-so-friendly gaming session with your buddies.

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Boxers features

Colours available: Breezy Blue, Tropical Green, Sporty Navy, Sunset Pink

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Shorts

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Shorts

Our BCI cotton shorts are of the best quality, soft, breathable, and comes with a pull-on adjustable drawstring. Suitable to wear when you are out running errands in your neighbourhood or for your daily workout, our cotton shorts are your partner for brisk activities.

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Shorts Features

Colours available: Black, Wine, Navy, Rifle Green, Ultramarine Blue

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Track Pants

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Track Pants

Our track pants are made from 100% Better Cotton and are thus softer than regular cotton. With pull-on adjustable drawstrings and side zipper pockets, our track pants are multi-purpose. Wear it and lounge at home, attend your zoom meetings, run around for errands or on the jogging track or you can even travel with this on.

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Track Pants features

Colours available: Ultramarine Blue, Black, Navy, Rifle Green, Wine

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Vest

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Vest

This super-soft vest takes your cotton experience to a whole new level. Anti-odour and breathable, this vest is made from a fabric that takes care of the environment and your skin. Best suited to be worn for informal lounging at home or even when you are working out.

Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Vest Features

Colours available: Ice Melt Blue, Black, White, Tan

How to take care of your Fresco BCI Cotton Loungewear

BCI cotton wear is low maintenance fabric that is easy to wash and care for. Take care not to bleach, dry-clean, wring or iron on high heat.

Cotton is the super fabric for our clothing needs. With sustainable sourcing of cotton through BCI, we ensure that we leave no negative impact due to our consumption and fashion choices. You select eco-conscious apparel when you pick Almo range of underwear, innerwear or loungewear. So while you lounge in style, you can rest assured that you are style in environmental-friendly.

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