Make No Adjustments – Perfect Essential Wear

Make No Adjustments – Perfect Essential Wear

Do you feel that the perfect intimate wear doesn’t exist for you? That you have to compromise on one or the other feature, even in those premium briefs of yours? We understand that with so much in your life to do, underwear and innerwear selection and shopping is one of the least mentally engaging activities that you want to involve yourself. However, for something that touches your skin first and also provides you with support and protection to your intimate areas, it demands a careful selection.

Perfection in Features

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Your essentials’ wardrobe should be full of little pieces of heaven made in fabric. Soft to touch, with immaculate fitting, and making your intimate clothing experience a luxurious affair. A perfect underwear or a top innerwear should be rich in the following characteristics to make the cut.

  • Crafted for exquisite softness because your skin deserves a smooth silky touch throughout the day.
  • Airflow circulation is essential for the well being of your intimate parts. Any intimate wear you choose should provide enhanced breathability and make you feel fresh and cool down there.
  • A key attribute of the perfect undergarment is high moisture wicking abilities. They not only absorb all the sweat and moisture but also dry quickly to leave with a perfectly relaxed feel.
  • The fabric moves with you and allows you free and unrestricted movement all through the day. A 4-way stretchability is a must for a premium and pleasant comfort.
  • No use of cheap dyes and fast colours, which can affect your skin. With long-lasting colour retention, ideal underwear are less prone to fading even after multiple washes.
  • Specialized spinning techniques that makes the fabric smoother, resistant to abrasions and lightweight. Perfect for all seasons, you will most likely forget that you are wearing anything beneath.
  • Bio wash finish on the fabrics ensures skin-friendly and anti-microbial properties infused in the underwear. You will have an odourless and itch-free experience.

The Almo Experience

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The Almo experience embodies premium comfort and minimalistic design ethos. We realise that you deserve intimate wear which is a perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Each of our product range is designed to suit your every day need, incorporating all the above attributes and qualities together to give you an immaculate fit and excellent manoeuvrability.

We use three different fabric blends, all of them sustainably sourced. Tencel MicroModal sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Cotton which is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world, and 100% GOTS approved Organic Cotton.

 Effortless Sophistication All Day Comfort Planet Friendly
Style Anti-Microbial Sustainable
Minimalism Itch Free Environmental Positive
Contemporary Design Superior Softness Responsible

Perfection in Details

The Almo underwear and top innerwear are rich with thoughtful features that really elevate your essential wear experience every day. You really have to make no adjustments when you choose Almo.

We have taken care of those little things that make a huge difference when you don your underwear.

  • No ride-ups of the edges, no chafing of your inner thighs
  • No rolling waistbands, no rashes and discomfort
  • Inclusive sizes from Small to Double XL, catering to waist sizes from 28 to 46 inches
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant, it fits you every time
  • No pilling material, is long-lasting


We believe in a holistic and responsible approach towards fashion consumption, which takes care of the environment and your skin together. So don’t make any adjustments to your comfort and style, find your perfect essential wear here.

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