All about Vests for Men - The Top Innerwear

All about Vests for Men - The Top Innerwear

The men’s vest is an inner top-wear worn on the upper part of the body that may or may not have sleeves. Also known as the ‘baniyan’, this humble and functional innerwear has undergone a gradual transformation to becoming a fashion essential.

 Just like underwear, vests are an essential part of an intimate wardrobe for men, especially in Indian climates.  A vest is a preferred choice because of the several benefits it provides. Some of them are:

  • Absorption of sweat and thus protecting the outer outfit from being sweat-stained
  • Makes upper shirts and t-shirts less transparent
  • Provides a smooth look by concealing the extra upper body flab
  • Super comfortable for the skin
  • Extra layer of warmth in winters

 There are a wide range of vests available in the market now, not only keeping in mind your comfort, ease, and stylish designs but also the activity you are going to engage in.

Regular Vest

 Rico Organic Cotton Melange Vest Regular

It is the most widely used vest, designed without sleeves, with broad shoulder straps instead, and a round neck. Usually worn under the shirt, it is an acceptable casual wear indoors at home. White is the most common color, even though consumers are experimenting with new colors.

A variation with the square neck is also commonly used by men with broad shoulders and a muscled body.

Best suited with - versatile in functionality, these vests go with most of the outfits. They are suitable for all day long wear


man wearing white undershirt

Undershirts are sleeved vests, usually with a round neck. They help prevent the extra gathering of fabric underneath, giving a smooth and chic look.

Best suited with - If you are gearing up for a special event or dressing up for that business meet, these vests are best suited for such formal attires

Muscle Tee

Muscle Tee is a Tee without sleeves and with large armholes. They are best suited for sporting activities or sometimes as casual wear in warm weather.

Best suited with - These vests can be used as a stand alone topwear while exercising

Athletic Undershirt

A recent trend in innerwear, athletic undershirts or more commonly known as sports vests are made from moisture-wicking fabric. They are made from microfiber and synthetic materials so that they stay light and dry for a longer duration. They are meant for exercising and during athletic activities.

Best suited with - Athletic vests can be worn stand alone while playing or under the official sporting attire

Gym Vest

Another trend that has captured attention in the fitness domain is the gym vest. Designed for comfort during workouts and extreme mobility, they are worn by gym enthusiasts and even basketball and football players. Apart from wearing it for a workout, it can be easily used as casual wear while relaxing at home.

Best suited with - They can be worn stand alone while gymming and are not appropriate as casual wear


At Almo, we have two types of top innerwear styles for you, the vest and the undershirt. The Almo undershirts are made from MicroModal fibers and are available in two neck styles - u-neck and v-neck variants.

The vests are available in three variants –

  • Dario MicroModal Slim Fit Vest – the ultra-soft vest is created using TENCEL TM fibers with an elastane blend. It comes with an antimicrobial, 4-way stretch with no ride-up and gathering problems. You get a perfect mix of stretchability, softness, and breathability.
dario micromodal slim fit vest
  • Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Vest – the vest is softer than regular cotton, breathable and anti-odor. The color does not fade away. The sustainable ‘Better Cotton’ ensures and maintains your comfort, style, and freshness.
fresco BCI Cotton vest
  • Rico Organic Cotton Melange Vest – created with 100% GOTS-approved cotton, this vest has a high moisture-wicking capability. Anti-microbial, it is very soft for your skin.

 Rico Organic Cotton Melange Vest

Now you know all about vests and their importance for your daily outfit. Browse through the Almo collection of innerwear here.

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