Henleys - The New Craze

Henleys - The New Craze

Henleys are a classic style of the regular shirt. A collarless shirt with a short buttoning placket, a Henley looks elegant. It is named after the English town, Henley-on-Thames. The Henley style was used in uniforms by the rowers for their famous competitions. 


Henleys are usually available in two styles, the short-sleeved and the long-sleeved tee. The long-sleeved Henley has a classic V-neck design and long sleeves. The short-sleeved Henley has short sleeves and is round-necked without the collar. Both the versions have a 3 to 5-inch placket, with around 2 to 5 buttons.


Unlike a polo tee, Henley shirts can be constructed in any fabric. It is available in cotton, polycotton, wool, lycra, linen, and most blended fabrics including cotton blends.


Benefits of Henley

Henleys are a great option for your wardrobe. It provides a fashionable alternative to the usual tees and shirts. Some of the benefits of a Henley are:

An alternative to the T-shirt

Henleys provide an alternative to your regular t-shirt. The style has made a comeback and is now much in demand. You will see many brands offering the style now.

Diversifies your wardrobe 

Henley shirts lend variety to the wardrobe without adding much to cost. So, on a pocket-friendly budget, you can upgrade your look. 

To look casual and stylish 

The Henley makes a guy look effortlessly contemporary. If you wear a Henley with jeans and slip-on shoes, you look sophisticated and neat, as if you have put some thought into dressing up.

To look sexy 

If you workout and possess a great toned body, Henleys help you show it off without appearing to do so. The shirt when left unbuttoned, gives a peek of your well-toned chest. 

Versatile Styling 

A Henley lends itself to many styling options. You can pair it up with jackets and light coats. It layers up nicely under a causal suit as well. It can be worn casually or in a semi-formal environment. In fact, Henleys are quite adaptive to business casuals as well.

Terrific for nearly every season 

Come summer, spring, or winter, Henley is fit for every season. The lightweight weaves of the short-sleeved Henleys give pleasant comfort in the summers. In mild winters, the long-sleeved ones provide warmth. In harsher winters, the thermal thick, quilted ones lend great relief and heat.

It is of utmost importance that you buy the right fit for yourself. The classic Henley might end up making you look inelegant if you wear the wrong size. Always refer to the size charts.


Look for the fabric. If you live in a hot and humid climate, choose fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking. If you are in a cooler place, breathable and thicker Henleys are best suited.


Almo Slub Henley

Almo has launched a new collection of topwear, the Slub Henley. This range of Henleys is made using sustainable Better Cotton fabric. The cotton is super-soft, almost like a feather. It is injected with slubs. It is a must-have in your wardrobe for the upcoming season. It is bound to add quiet elegance to your casual style. 


The Almo Slub Henley is lightweight and constructed for an impeccable fit. It has a rounded bottom hem and a placket with buttons. It is available in five classic and sober colours of Cool Blue, Pearl, Nude-Tan, Navy and Dirty Orange


Wash and Care

Use cold water and wash it with similar colours. Wash at a gentle cycle in the machine or wash with hands.


Do not iron or dry clean for a longer life.  Do not wring or bleach.

Tumble dry at low heat.


For a great and fashionable wardrobe, it is not so important to have a lot of clothes. Rather, have a variety of styles, and you can pull off elegant and smooth looks all the time. Henleys are great in design and a classic alternative to your regular shits and t-shirts. Go ahead, and add this timeless beauty to your collection.

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