Honeymoon Trip - Essential Things to Pack

Honeymoon Trip - Essential Things to Pack

Are you getting married anytime soon? Is a honeymoon on your list of to-do things? The pandemic has changed the way we plan our vacations. There are travel restrictions to adhere to. Not all locations are open to welcoming tourists. You have to consider few things like ease of travelling to and forth, the possibility of lockdowns, getting vaccinated, and other formalities before you finalise your destination.

A honeymoon is a special occasion. A time for you two to spend away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. After you planned a honeymoon trip, you need some help to get ready. It is not just another trip. You have to impress your partner. We have put together a short but handy guide about what you need to carry with you for a memorable trip of your life.

Check the weather

The majority of the things you need to keep with you depend on the geographical location of your honeymoon destination. Do online research on the weather of the place during the time you will be there. Will it rain, snow, or follow a temperate climate? Are you moving to a cooler area in the mountains in the summer? Pack a warm jacket, a couple of track pants, and shoes. Planning a winter vacation in the mountains? Pack woollens and thermals. For a beach destination, shorts, flip flops, and sunscreen are a must. 

Pack Light

You don’t need to carry all your clothes and accessories. It will cause you great confusion and mess when you reach there. Secondly, if you take a flight, you need to count your kilos! So travel light. Even if you go by train or cab, you can’t take along loads of luggage with countless items.

Shaving Kit


If you are staying at a hotel or resort, you will be provided with toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet soap, shampoo, shower gel, and towels. If you plan to carry your own items, pack smartly. You should have a chic shaving pouch or kit. Nowadays, many types are available, even foldable ones with a small hanger. Keep your shaving gel, brush, razor, toothbrush, a small scissor, nail-cutter, a good deodorant, moisturizer. Alternatively, you can pick up a travel shaving kit, which has all the necessary toiletries included.

Tees and Shirts

It is a no-brainer. The basic t-shirt is a must-have irrespective of where you are travelling. It goes well with any weather and any occasion. Take along three to four t-shirts including two polos and a basic plain Tee. 

If you haven’t planned for a honeymoon dinner date with your partner, add it to the itinerary now. Do not forget to keep a formal or semi-formal shirt for the romantic dinner.

Jeans and Shorts

The evergreen pair of jeans is a definite pick. You can pair it up with a shirt for the dinner date, or while sightseeing with your partner. A comfy pair of chino pants are also suited. Easily foldable and light to pack, it is apt for men who do not like to wear jeans. 

If you are not going to a place with heavy snowfall and cold, casual shorts are good options. They give the vacay feel even before you reach the place.



Women have an entire category of honeymoon lingerie. There is no reason that men should not take a similar interest in the underwear that they carry on the honeymoon trip. We are sure your partner will be delighted with the thoughtfulness you show with your innerwear.

Invest some time in knowing the right fit, type and size of your underwear. You can choose between a stylish trunk or boxer-brief. These two styles go well with most body types. If you look and feel great in briefs, ensure you have a pair or three.

Feeling a bit risque! Carry a men’s bikini-brief or even g-string. 

Do not forget to pack a couple of boxers. These will be useful when you want to relax in the bedroom or lounge on the balcony of your suite. 

Swimming trunks look sexy and you can flaunt your uber style donning a high-quality pair. You can also match it with your partner’s swimsuit for great photographs.

Tip: Buy new pairs. Do not carry your old underwear. 



A pair of sneakers is a must. Whether you are going to hills or beaches, honeymoon trips involve a fair bit of walking. Trek, hikes, and sightseeing will become easier if you have a good pair of sneakers. Have waterproof flip-flops or stylish slippers for the super casual look. 

Sunglass and Watch

Sunglasses add a flair to your look. They are also essential accessories for travel. A good pair will protect you against intense sunlight whether you are at the mountains or seaside. 

We might not use watches to check the time anymore. However, a watch lends an ultra-cool look to your personality. We recommend a waterproof watch.


Are you an amateur photographer who owns a DSLR or a Nikon? Honeymoon is a time to cherish and what better way to carry those inimitable moments with your camera. You can surprise your partner with snaps of your candid moments together.


If you or your partner are on any medication, remember to pack them. Take a copy of the doctor’s prescription along. Also keep a packet of common medicines for flu, pain, nausea, stomachaches, and acidity. Keep band-aids, after-bite ointments for minor cuts and wounds.

Gift for your partner

You can get a surprise gift for your partner. It can be a trendy jewellery piece for everyday use or a personalised note of love and togetherness. Believe us, it will set a tone of mutual love and appreciation for your life ahead.

Show your consideration and appreciation of your partner’s time and efforts. Check for all the documents that you both have to carry. Booking formalities of accommodation, travel tickets, passports, Identification cards, vaccination certificates, any NOCs, and travel permits. Make a checklist to avoid forgetting important papers.

Tip: Do not forget masks, face shields (if needed), and sanitisers. Always follow the safety guidelines and practice safe distancing.

Do not be late and miss your flight or train. It is important that you do not start the vacation on the wrong note. Honeymoon trips are cherished events. Make those memories last forever.

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