Fitness: Keep your body fit and healthy

Fitness: Keep your body fit and healthy

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” - Jim Rohn

A fit body is vital for a successful and happy life. The importance of keeping your body healthy and fit cannot be overstated. If you still believe that working out or taking care of your body is just a fad for the gymming enthusiast, think again. Physical fitness affects your overall health and wellness.

A healthy mind lives in a fit body

An active body also keeps the mind sharp and focused. When you are physically fit, your mind is also filled with positivity. It drives stress and keeps you mentally agile. 

Active and Flexible

A fit person is active, not only when he exercises, but also in daily life. Whether it is running errands or trudging through the hectic schedule.  

Enjoy the small and big things

Doctors and fitness experts emphasise fitness for everyone. It is because not only external but all your internal body organs function properly. You can eat the food you want to, the sky diving you want to do, or the road trip you want to go on with your buddies.

Pleasing personality

Body fitness gives you a good physique. Whether it is a social gathering, family outing, or office meeting, you look elegant and collected in every place.


Now when you know why, here’s how you can maintain a fit body.

Appropriate Diet


An appropriate, timely, and regulated eating facilitates effective workouts because a nutritious diet consists of carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, fats, proteins, and fibres. Workouts channelise these nutrients and maintain energy and freshness within the body throughout the day.

Fruits, green vegetables, especially leafy ones, olive oil, walnuts, and flaxseeds are a must-have for a toxicity-free day-long experience! Consume natural foods. Avoid consumption of fast and processed food. Keep cleansing your body system by having a glass of warm water three to four times a day. 


Pick your choice of pain. It can be running, jogging, gymming, or playing sports. Take warming up seriously. It makes the body flexible before the main workout.

Do not overdo it! Take the help of a trained coach to guide you on the proper mix of cardio, weight, and training on equipment. 

You must wear proper workout clothes as per the activity. With more people realising the effects of physical activities on their overall health, there are many options for gym wear. Shorts, track pants, vests, tees, and joggers are in much demand. Always wear the right fit and style of underwear to avoid skin rashes and allergies in your intimate area.


It is important for physical and mental wellbeing. You should follow it religiously.  Sweat and dust, especially after a workout or intense physical activities, can cause allergies and diseases. Cleaning up removes germs and allows the skin to breathe properly. Follow the daily habit of bathing, changing underwear, and wearing clean clothes. Washing up and masking is essential during covid times. 

Proper sleep

A proper amount of sleep is necessary to be healthy. Sleeping on time and getting up on time is crucial for fitness. Follow a routine so that you do not stay up till late. Do not watch TV or mobile before sleeping. It may stress your tired eyes even more. Meditation or a short walk ensure a restful sleep.

An old age, often repeated, says that health is wealth. Nurture this wealth by keeping your body fit and your mind sharp. 

A healthy body does not mean that you have to look buff. It means to lend movement to every muscle in the body. A sedentary lifestyle will make you sick, unhealthy, and unfit. You will feel lethargic most of the time, which is mentally draining. Whether you are a social spirit or a loner, your body needs attention and fitness. 

Remember what John Quelch said -  “your health is an investment, not an expense”. Give it the time and attention it needs now. 

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