8 reasons men should not go commando

8 reasons men should not go commando

Going commando refers to not wearing any underwear under your clothes.

Why do men want to do away with underwear? Underwear adds one more layer and thus some men prefer to do so to reduce sweat. Not wearing underwear can also mean some more air circulation down there and does add to the feel good.

While there’s some support for ditching your underwear, here are 8 reasons that prove going commando is overrated.

Support and protection

underwear is made to offer support and protection to your genitals, which pants do not give. Your package is safe from the harsh fabric of the upper layer of clothing and the metal zips. It also offers much-needed support while running or doing any heavy activity. 

Prevents chafing

the fabric of your pants or jeans can be an irritant to your boys down there. Chafing or skin irritation due to rubbing of skin against harsh cloth is bound to happen if you go commando. Underwear is specially designed to be gentle on such a sensitive part of your body.

Embarrassing sweat stains and wet spots

throughout the day, you gather a lot of sweat stains and wet spots down under. The underwear soaks all up, forming a protective layer for your upper layers. It saves you from an embarrassing situation which you will otherwise be in.


how many times have you forgotten to zip up your pants? Imagine not wearing your underwear and hence flashing someone accidentally. Undies keep such super awkward moments away.


the underwear soaks up all the sweat and leakages, and since it is recommended to wash daily, it reduces the chance of getting infected with skin rashes and allergies. Pants are worn more than once, and with all the sweat and germs accumulating, it is an open invitation for more bacterial and fungal infections.

You can get infected with crotch itch, a red itchy fungal rash that can lead to painful blisters. Underwear helps you to maintain the hygiene of your intimate area.


great quality of underwear makes you look so much sexier to your partner. Underwear can be a great tool of seduction by presenting your package attractively. Just check how hot the models and celebrities look in their underwear photoshoots!


going without underwear will make your pants or jeans dirtier than normal. The washing will also go up, which although essential for hygiene, might not be so good for the pants.

Nearly all denim manufacturers recommend washing jeans after multiple uses. The other pants are also typically worn more than once. The color and the fabric might fade, shrink or tear much earlier with so much increased washing.


modern underwear has evolved to provide comfort by making them breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle-free, and shrink-resistant. This is along with the primary utility of giving support and protection.

What then, if you want to go for an airy, constraint-free experience? Boxers are the perfect style for you. Nothing says comfort, with a shorts type of fit, like a boxer. You can unwind and lounge away in a pair of comfy boxers. 

All your issues can be resolved by choosing good quality underwear. From a good fit, modern style to breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, you will get the perfect underwear here. Check out our collection and breeze through your daily activities.

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