Underwear Style Guide – The universal and stylish Brief

Underwear Style Guide – The universal and stylish Brief

Underwear has gone through multiple changes over the years, spawning various styles and designs. The modern form of underwear is largely an invention of the 1930s, where briefs made an appearance. The new design had dispensed away with the leg section and featured a Y-shaped fly. It was a revolutionary fashion trend, which has remained popular ever since.

From the different Briefs underwear is high on both functionality and appearance. It is multi-purpose intimate wear. It can be worn under most apparel and for most of the activities. Over 40% of men choose this style of underwear as their most preferred underwear style. This is due to many unparalleled advantages that briefs underwear comes with that are not found in any other style, be it boxers or trunks.


Why are briefs so popular?



A pair of briefs is designed to provide full comfort. It has a pouch-like design in the front to give maximum support to your manhood while giving full coverage at the back to your buttocks. The waistband is made of elastic material, holding the underwear together.


Briefs help to spruce up your appearance. It enhances the manhood of the wearer, lending a confident demeanour.


The exposed leg and thighs provide freedom for unhindered legwork. Along with the support and protection it offers to men’s genitals, freedom of movement is a reason that briefs are favoured for physical activities over any other underwear style.


The design of briefs is structured so as to give you maximum comfort down below, while also aiding you with the necessary support. 

Cut variations

Briefs are available in two main cuts. Some versions offer a narrow leg cut while others a wider cut. Midi, mini, bikini, active, and sport are few popular models. The different cuts enable you to choose a pair as per your need and occasion.

Variations in waist height 

There is differing waist height available for briefs. Low-rise is going well with low waist jeans and pants, mid-rise is suitable for formal wear and daily wear, whereas high-rise is best suited to high waist jeans and shorts.

All-purpose Use


Briefs are suitable for every occasion and goes with almost every outfit.

As daily wear and occasions, briefs give comfort, support, and freedom to run around or sit through meetings. For workouts, briefs give the required support and legwork needed for unrestricted movement.

For all body type 

A pair of briefs are ideal for body types which are thin, fit or muscular. For men with large torsos or dad-bods, low-rise briefs are suitable. High-sliced leg cut variation is suited for men with large thighs and wide hips.


What to keep in mind while buying a pair of briefs


The right fit is very important when buying underwear. Size yourself properly, so that you do not end up buying a tighter or looser pair. Refer to the size chart while shopping online, or ask a salesperson to help you out if store buying.


There are many different kinds of fabric available ranging from natural fibers to synthetic ones and a lot of many blends. Cotton and modal are the two most preferred fabrics due to their breathability, softness, and moisture-wicking capabilities.


Another key factor to keep in mind is the purpose for which you will use the underwear. There are multiple variations of cut, waist rise, designs, and outfit suitability. You will find briefs for low waist and high waist jeans and trousers, briefs for sports and workout, and also for that special time with your partner.


A pair of briefs is universal in style, which is why it is found in every man’s underwear drawer. This is the most comfortable underwear you will ever find.  At Almo, we use two superior fabrics to design a supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting pair of briefs. The ultra-soft MicroModal gives you a perfect blend of premium comfort and minimalistic design in the colours that you will love. The organic cotton brief is softer than regular cotton and keeps you fresh all day. Check out our collection of briefs here and pick your favourite pair now.

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