Choose underwear made from MicroModal

Choose underwear made from MicroModal

Do you wish for your underwear to be super-soft yet firmly supporting your form? Underwear that is breathable and moisture-wicking, and makes your jewels feel as if they are in the lap of luxury. A combination that offers durability and softness, and is ideal underwear.

If you wish for that and more, then you should choose underwear crafted from micro modal fabric – a luxury itself in the form of underwear.


What is MicroModal?

MicroModal is a kind of modal rayon that is obtained from the cellulose of beechwood trees from sustainable farms in Europe. The cellular undergoes processing which eventually yields the fine fibre. The fiber is very fine, with a diameter of less than ten micrometers, which is around 10 times finer than human hair. These fine fibers are tightly woven into the fabric, giving an incredibly soft and silky texture.

MicroModal is the new coveted fabric in the apparel fashion world. Leading fashion brands use micromodal fabric in their premium activewear, loungewear, and intimate wear. Cotton and cotton blends are the most used fabrics for making clothes. Both cotton and modal have beneficial properties. MicroModal, however, has a much more luxurious feel and comfort.


Benefits of MicroModal

Micromodal fibre is a comparatively new player in the field of fibres as compared to cotton and rayon, but is quickly gaining popularity as the new face of luxury underwear. There are several reasons for this.


Incredible Softness

It is much thinner and softer than the regular modal, which itself is softer than cotton. Compared to cotton, it is almost thrice as soft. The fibers are extremely fine. The softness of the final fabric so created is usually likened to silk, and some say it is even softer than real silk! No wonder then that micro modal is emerging as one of the most preferred fabrics for luxury intimate wear.



Its sweat-wicking ability is way better than regular cotton. Cotton gets damp especially if it is humid and does not dry as quickly as micromodal does. This creates the problem of odor and sweat-staining.



This extremely lightweight material, allows for excellent airflow, becoming one of the most breathable materials. This provides that much required cooling effect for which people often choose cotton.



Even after multiple washes, micromodal underwear is less prone to pilling like cotton blends and doesn’t lose its shape and softness. It is quite sturdy and can withstand being machine-washed. It doesn’t lose colour very fast. So, if you think it costs you more than regular cotton innerwear, you will realize in the long run that your investment was worth it.



Micro-modal fibres are extremely fine and are tightly weaved together to make the soft fabric. This lends more strength to the innerwear and greater support to your manhood.


Sexier Look

Micro modal underwear becomes one with your body. It adds to your well-sculpted looks, for which you have worked so hard. It can also aptly cover your bulges (if any). The reason lies in its fine weave which imparts great stretchability, strength, and silken texture.



Looking for eco-friendly and ethical options in intimate wear? Micro-modal is extracted from the cellulose of beech wood pulp, using sustainable processes. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The manufacturing, dyeing, and blending processes require lesser water than regular cotton. So, that makes it a sustainable luxury.


Dario MicroModal Innerwear by Almo

At Almo, we use micromodal fabric for our super soft and premium Dario MicroModal Innerwear range. The range is crafted using TENCEL modal fibers with micro-technology. We take special care to design and bring to you ultimate comfort. The Almo micro modal collection has the following features:

TENCEL Modal with micro-technology is sourced from sustainably managed forests of Europe. Manufactured using multiple innovations by Lenzing, the Dario range is environmentally friendly.

Exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin, our micromodal intimate wear is 3 times softer than regular cotton.

Deep embedded colour pigments into the fabric make it retain colour vibrancy much longer than conventionally dyed fabrics.

We use Siro Spinning technique to bind the surface fibres, making the finished fabric lightweight and smoother.

Swiss HEIQ’s bio-wash ensures anti-microbial protection and odourless experience.


Dario MicroModal Briefs, Trunks, and Boxer-briefs

The underwear collection is a perfect combination of premium comfort and minimal design. It includes the three popular styles - briefs, trunks, and boxer-briefs. Made with 93% super-soft TENCEL fibres and 7% elastane, the underwears are breathable, wrinkle-free and shrink resistant.

Dario MicroModal Vests and Undershirts

Known for its fresh and super-soft feel, the topwears are mixed with 93% micromodal fabric and 7% elastane. The top-quality elastane ensures enhanced stretchability for comfortable wear. The topwear range consists of vests and undershirts, the everyday essentials in your intimate wardrobe.


How to take care of Dario modal


Micromodal is a fine and premium fabric. However, its wash and care are as easy as the regular fabric underwear. It can be hand washed or gently in the machine. Wringing, ironing, bleaching, and dry-cleaning are to be best avoided. Taking proper care of intimate wear ensures its longevity and helps it retain its characteristics for a longer duration.

Almo believes in eco-conscious fashion. With Dario MicroModal’s collection of underwear and vests, we bring to you premium quality, unmatched softness, comfort, and sustainable clothing. Be a part of this luxurious journey without compromising on comfort and style.

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