Intimate Clothing – Perfect Gift for Men in your Life

Intimate Clothing – Perfect Gift for Men in your Life

Celebrating life occasions with gifts is not anymore the bastion of women alone. Men are also wholeheartedly embracing gift-giving traditions. Symbol of celebration and happiness, gifts make the receiver loved and admired.

That said, gift shopping for men is not an easy task. The pool of items that qualify as valid gifts for men is not very large, and they usually end up getting similar articles. The usual gift ideas include electronic and gaming gadgets, wine and liquor, perfumes, watches, official stationery, clothing, and jewellery accessories.

People are always on the lookout for new categories for gifting ideas. The intimate wear category has expanded beyond underwear to now include inner topwear, loungewear, and sleepwear. The use of better and premium fabric blends like modal, organic cotton, and silk are making super soft and finely textured intimate wear. Underwear styles are not limited to utility types like regular briefs or trunks alone. There are new and daring styles like bikini briefs, jockstraps, and men thongs, which have made the men’s underwear category quite exciting.

The gifting of underwear is a recent and upcoming trend. It is no longer restricted only to women, who buy it for their significant others. Since loungewear has really taken hold of the fashion street, the recipient list has increased to add other important men in your life. Even men can buy it now for other men in their lives. This has made it possible for including fathers, brothers, and partners to whom you can give intimate wear.


Gift for Fathers

Did you buy a shaving kit or an expensive watch for your father on his birthday or on Father’s Day? How about a premium and comfortable loungewear set? It's a perfect, thoughtful gift. Your father would love a set of comfy pajamas matched with premium loungewear T-shirts. You would have given him ideal attire for wear while he catches up with his friends in the neighbourhood, or entertaining them at his house for an evening gupshup. You can also add vests and undershirts to the gift hamper. Your father, no matter what his age is, will love the stylish yet comfortable loungewear.

Must include – Pyjamas, T-shirts, Undershirts         


Gift for Brothers

Want to take your sibling point a notch up? Then delight your brother with a fun lounging gift pack. You are going to give him something which he will love to wear no matter what his interests and activities are. Loungewear, a practical gift, will be useful whether he is working from home or loves working out or if he just wants to relax in his space binge-watching a web series or even travelling.

Must include – Shorts, T-shirts, Track pants


Gift for Partner

Want to present your partner with something that says intimacy, fun, and quirkiness in one go? Thinking of something other than regular 'romantic gift' options? You don’t have to look much beyond innerwear. Be ready to be spoiled for variety. Surprise him with a luxurious, premium, and soft pair of briefs. If you are feeling adventurous, buy a pair in exciting colours or go neon. If he is an avid runner or hits the gym regularly, go for vests and shorts. Or just splurge on the entire loungewear and innerwear collection! Your man will be smiling for days to come.

Must Include – Briefs, Boxers, Shorts, T-shirts, Vests


The act of gifting is a reflection of our unique relationship with someone. It is a way to communicate our emotions and appreciation towards the other person. Since innerwear and loungewear are quite personal and intimate, your loved ones will feel appreciated and pleased to receive a package full of comfort, ease, and luxury.

At Almo, we have a full range of underwear, topwear, and loungewear. We have provided the facility for you to customize your own packs. In a hurry or confused? We also have pre-packs and multipacks, so shopping is made easy for you!

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