Underwear with Fly or Go Flyless

Underwear with Fly or Go Flyless

Underwear has been evolving. Underwear market has expanded. Today, you are spoiled for choices in types, styles, and fabrics. Its purpose has widened from providing coverage to your crotch area and protection from the biting metal zips and the tough inseams of your jeans or trousers to now being a comfort and style statement.

You now have multiple options to choose from, including going with a fly or no-fly undies. Yes, you read that right. The decision-making argument has moved on from boxers vs briefs vs trunks to fly or no-fly underwear.


What is a fly? 

Commonly called a ‘Fly’, it is also called a ‘dart’. It is nothing but a covered opening in front of the underwear. A convenient and prominent feature, its main function is to help you take care of your business during the urinal breaks. Popular designs are vertical fly, horizontal fly, and Y-front fly.


Do men use it?

It’s a matter of choice. Many guys choose their underwear based on how convenient it would be to pee in them. For some, it comes naturally to use a fly - unzip, get it out, do your business, tuck in, and zip up. For others, unbuckling, unzipping, unsnapping is an easier route. Some prefer boxers to briefs or even boxer briefs (with a fly) only because of the ease and efficiency it provides.


Both sides have strong arguments

From our discussions, we have found strong preferences on both sides of the argument. On one hand, some believe that it's something one can't do without. The thought of pulling down all your pieces of clothing is something that's of too much inconvenience. 

However, most studies by underwear brands and designers have found that less than 20% used it for the intended purpose. The popularity of the fly feature is mainly because most men feel it is an element they can’t imagine their undies without. Even when they use the fly rarely, during bathroom breaks.


The popularity of Fly Underwear

The fly is associated with many benefits such as:

Comfort - Providing comfort and space for your most prized package

Support – giving the secure uplifting feeling with no sagging

Breathability – the extra space gives more breathing area and reduces friction with the zip

Ease of access – for the ones who like their privacy and use it while urinating

It looks sexy - it gives a more defined, contoured look


Why go Flyless then?

The main difference flyless underwear has with fly undies is that it does away with the hole in the front. It does so while retaining the contoured shape that a fly gives, by having a constructed pouch there. Since it is not used for peeing by the majority of men anyways, designers of modern times consider the fly feature, a thing of the past. 


The flyless underwear is a contemporary design element, which gives more space, providing a more natural contour, all while retaining the need for comfort and support you need and also presenting your buddy well. 

So, in essence, it retains all the benefits of the fly feature, while doing away with the needless overlapping fabric and the rarely used hole. It also reduces sweating and chaffing that sometimes the dual layers of with-fly underwear can be responsible for.

With workspaces evolving with work from home, remote workplace and online working spaces becoming more mainstream, the office dressing up has also changed. There is less need for formal attires, with pyjamas, sweatpants, shorts, and cargos becoming the norm of the day. The need for unzipping has also reduced, making flyless undies very compatible with the current dressing style.


 So which one is better?

Every individual has a different preference and style. Underwear designers and manufacturers are providing both the options - one with a fly and one without a fly. You should go for the design which is best suited to you depending upon your comfort and requirements. Since undies are usually worn all day long, they should be comfortable, secure, and make you feel confident.

While flyless undies are gaining wide acceptance, it’s the with-fly undies that still rule the market. Let us know what you think about this whole fly or no-fly thing. What would you prefer? 

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