Things to keep in mind while shopping underwear online

Things to keep in mind while shopping underwear online

There is a rise in awareness among men about personal hygiene, grooming, and fitness. There is also a heavy upsurge in fashion consciousness. Increasingly, men have started shopping for their own clothes. Nothing is more intricately linked to intimate hygiene than underwear.


More buyers have started shopping online. After the pandemic, this has become a necessity rather than a convenience. Of course, in-store shopping cannot beat the diverse range and variety of options available online. However, shopping online is an altogether different ballgame and experience than hopping in the store and picking up your underwear. We are laying down a few things you should keep in mind when you shop for your underwear on the web.



Knowing your correct size is very important. You should carefully read through the size guide, as brands may vary in size. The standard sizes available are usually Small (28-30 inches), Medium (32-34 inches), and Large (36-38 inches). Now brands are becoming more inclusive with the addition of many more sizes.  To know how you can measure your size in the right way, refer to the Almo size chart.


Underwear Style

The underwear range has many options for style. Be it briefs, boxers, trunks, brief-boxers, or any other, your choice of undies will determine not just your comfort but much more. Your selection will also depend on the body type as well.

If you are looking for something comfy to sleep in, boxer shorts are your best bet, but for deskwork, you may have to opt for briefs. Then again, if you are looking for something when you workout or gym innerwear go for boxer briefs, which provide greater support as well as flexibility for your physical activities. If you want to spice up your sex life and flaunt your manhood, make your girl swoon by donning the thong, g-string, or a jockstrap.




Fabric is an important factor to consider while shopping for underwear, especially since you can’t really touch and feel the fabric online. It is important that you read about the fabric information given with the product.

Some of the materials commonly used in making underwear are cotton, cotton blends, modal, nylon, spandex, and wool.  Keep in mind that the material must possess adequate stretchability and breathability.

You can go on to choose from among the different fabric options available, depending on the skin sensitivity, the prevailing weather conditions, and the activity that you are going to engage in.


Product review

One of the benefits of shopping on the web is the feedback by other customers, on almost every aspect of brand touch-points. Customer review and rating of the product, if available, should be looked up. It may give a lot of insight into the quality, fit, material, price, and overall experience of the underwear.


The safe colours that every man goes for are the usual blues, browns, greys, and blacks. Red, olive green and white are some other popular colours. Bored with the plain, solid offerings? If you are looking for some fun and feeling playful, opt for brighter colors and even patterned or printed underwear.

The colour of the underwear is not an issue if you are wearing darker pants, but if your pants are of light colour, sheer or transparent, shop for whites or even nude colors.


Payment and Delivery Options

One of the main reasons that people prefer shopping online is to do away with the hassle of visiting a store and then after choosing the articles, standing in the checkout queue. Through online, you can pay from the multiple options provided. Check for the most convenient mode.

You will also be given delivery options while checking out the shopping cart. You can get your product delivered the same day or choose the normal shipping time.


Sale and Discounts

Websites offer sales, discounts, and offers on special days and seasons, mostly displayed quite prominently. Keep an eye out for pop-ups that announce some great benefits for you!


Return and Refund Policy

Every online shopping website will have a return and refund policy. Check carefully, especially since underwear is intimate wear and there might be stricter rules for exchange and return, as compared to other articles of clothing. 


Armed with the information above, shopping online for underwear is a child’s play for you. You can browse and compare from the entire range available, before selecting the one that is tailor-made for you. At Almo, we have a range of super-soft, sustainably-made, and long-lasting underwear for you. Check us out here and shop for your favourite piece of underwear now!

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