Track Pants - The Versatile Loungewear

Track Pants - The Versatile Loungewear

Track pants are comfortable lowers intended for athletic or lounging purposes. Designed to be loose around your groin and thigh areas tapering down the legs. They are light in weight, airy, and elastic.

If you want speed, ease, and flexibility for sports, workouts, or hassle-free journeys, then track pants are a perfect style of clothing for you! With track pants, sportspersons can bend, squat, and stretch while playing. They are appropriate for jogging and walking too. When travelling, one can run and rush through crowded stations and airports without discomfort. They are compatible with yoga as well.

Types Of Track Pants

Standard Length Track Pants: A convenient lower with a conventional standard grip at the waist ending at the ankle.


Tailored Track Pants: These are stitched as per your size and make you look slim.


Track Pants with Strings: These track pants have drawstrings at the front to “draw” the strings to tighten or loosen the pants as and when needed.


Track Pants with a Relaxed Fitting: Suitable for men who have big built and require ample space for thighs and back. 


Racing Track Pants: They are available in different designs and colors and are ideal for car racing or bike racing sports. You can still put them on even if you are not such an adventurer!

Striped Track Pants: They are in vogue. People choose them for catchy and unique vibes.

Why are they versatile?

Track pants are athletic and sports-oriented. They are usually made of cotton and polyester, ensuring free movement for players.

For fitness freaks, track pants are akin to super comfort whether they are simply walking on a treadmill or are operating cycling machines, which require fast legwork. Various Yoga poses are conveniently performed in track pants as they are flexible, loose, and breathable. Thus you aren’t fatigued during the strenuous twists and turns.

The track pant conveys youthfulness, compactness, and comfortable fashion. People hang around with friends in track pants. Pair it up with a tee and sneakers for an elegantly relaxed look.

Track pants are used as daily casual wear at home and provide increased mobility for multitasking. They also work well when unannounced guests suddenly appear.

Great for travelling, they provide coverage and flexibility, and maximum comfort.

Track pants are suitable for all personalities. They help the fragile profile of older people look young and robust. Lean and lanky men look sturdy.

Things to remember while buying track pants

Size - Size yourself correctly and refer to size charts before buying a pair. You need to ensure that it is fit for your waist and is of an appropriate length. 


Fabric - Track pants are available in many materials. Pure cotton and cotton blends are the most popular. Go for the fabric that suits your skin.


Breathable and moisture-wicking - Track pants need to be breathable and sweat-wicking, so that heat, sweat, and moisture do not trouble you.



Stretchability - Track pants should be high on stretchability to provide flexibility and maneuverability.

Almo Track Pants

Almo has a collection of ultra-comfortable track pants, the Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Track Pants. Made from the Better Cotton, the Fresco track pants elevate your cotton experience. 

Some of the prime attributes of track pants are:

They are softer than regular cotton

Anti-microbial properties ensure that you have odourless and fresh experience

Pull-on adjustable drawstrings make sure that you have proper adjustability

Tangle-free side zippers help to carry a wallet, keys, and phone securely

Sustainable and eco-conscious choice

Colours available - Ultramarine Blue, Navy, Black, Rifle Green, Wine

Track pants are an essential loungewear article for your wardrobe. Browse through our collection for a perfect companion throughout the day. For all our other loungewear items, check here.

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