What does the colour of your underwear signify?

What does the colour of your underwear signify?

Colours are a vital part of visual communication in our world. Various shades of colours evoke a different set of emotions, feelings, and imagery. Most people believe that colours both indicate and affect our moods, thoughts, and perception.  

The underwear colour you wear signifies the innermost persona. Even though you may like to don a white shirt or blue pair of jeans when it comes to your intimate wear, red or green vibe for you? Are you romantic, adventurous, quirky, or eccentric? Can the colour of your underwear be so telling? 

Here’s a fun little guide to see what your underwear colour may reveal about you.



Black is the classic colour for every mood and occasion. It stands for sexuality and masculinity. A man who likes black underwear likes to experience that royal supremacy and elegance. He wants to command attention yet have an air of mystery around him.

Almo Blacks

At Almo, all our underwear collections have the classic black option for you. If you can’t do without this colour, our Dario Dark MicroModal collection of brief, trunk, and boxer-brief is made just for you. It is nothing but elegant comfort with a dash of colour in the different waistbands.



While lighter shades are soft hues, darker shades stand for royalty. Men across all ages love the colour so much that it is now associated with the male gender. It stands for empathy and understanding. A man who loves blue is stable, honest, and has a royal temperament. 

Almo Blues

Our Dario Classic MicroModal range of underwear comes in classic blue. If you want to go for the darker navy, check our Dario Solid MicroModal and Rico Organic Cotton collections.



Green signifies an affinity to nature and earth. It is an emerging favourite with everybody. The dark shade of army green denotes bravery. If you like your undies green, then you are conscious about his reputation and always committed to your loved ones.

Almo Greens

Our Dario Solid MicroModal briefs and trunks are available in the new shade of storm green and our Rico Solid Organic Cotton underwear in army green.



Like blue, shades of grey are the universal favourites. Grey isn’t that sad shade that poets may make it seem. It’s chic and the in thing. If you love grey, you are full of style and elegance. You may be moody at times, but still, you seem stylish. You enjoy the neutrality of grey. 

Almo Greys

Our Dario Classic MicroModal briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks are available in light grey. If you are keen on dark grey undies, check our collection of Dario Classic MicroModal and Rico Organic Cotton underwear.



Love red or wine? Then you probably ooze with confidence. Yes, in bed also! You are passionate, daring, vigorous, and full of energy. 

Almo Reds

If you like our Dario Solid MicroModal brief in wine, then you have a touch of mystery too. And if you love our red Dario Classic MicroModal collections, you are a lover indeed.



Men who prefer white underwear are super organized and cleanliness freaks. If you are that person, then you must be the one who loves traditions. You probably have a transparent nature and are logical and rational in your approach.

Almo Whites

For you, we have our line of Rico Classic Organic Cotton White briefs and trunks, with just a shade of oomph infused with contrast waistbands.


Yellow & Orange 

If you love donning yellow underwear, you mostly enjoy energetic, playful activities. You may be the one who loves the sea breeze and being around friends.

While some men like orange, others may dislike it. A man wanting to wear orange may be keen and passionate about things, especially sports.



While pink is considered a feminine colour, a man wearing pink underwear may be trying to woo his love interest. And he is not shy of being sensitive.


Multi-coloured or Printed

Are you the one who loves to go beyond the monochrome solid colours? You probably dig the printed and patterned undies, which have more than one single colour. You enjoy life in all its shades and want to cherish every experience. You are a vacationer, and try to bring some zing into your daily life.

Check out our Havana collection of Fresco 100% BCI Cotton Boxers made just for the likes of you who want to live life king-size.

We say that your underwear drawer should have three colours or more. That will ensure all your occasions and outfit are taken care of. And if you are that guy who loves to experiment with colours, then by all means explore our Dario MicroModal and Rico Organic Cotton ranges and find your favourites in the best fabric made with love. 

Our underwear is eco-friendly, breathable and moisture-wicking. And our colours don’t fade with use! For longer shelf life, always note the wash and care instructions. Do not bleach or dry-clean to retain the colours you love.


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