What does your underwear say about you?

What does your underwear say about you?

Your underwear is not just the essentials that you put on every day. It has a vital role in setting your mood for the day. Sure it is well established that your innerwear affects the mood and disposition of your partner during cozy times. But do you know that it also says a lot about your personality? Experts believe that the underwear style you choose to wear is an indicator of your mood, temperament, and personal dressing mantra.

Here is a ready reckoner for you to check what signals you are sending when you’re flaunting your body in your underwear.



The epitome of support and freedom of movement, briefs are the most popular styles adopted by men worldwide. Men who are in athletics or sports tend to prefer it since it facilitates legwork and running. Men who don on briefs want sufficient coverage, support with flexibility, and their partner’s attention all at once. 

If you love wearing briefs, you are generally considered sensitive and ready to accept whatever life throws at you. Sensible and stylish, you are equally involved with your buddies.

If you have a body type that is thin, fit, or muscular, you can confidently go for briefs. Invest in a premium, soft and stylish pair when wearing it for special times.



More comfy wear for the times you want to laze around at home, boxers are comfort personified. Men who like to have a lot of air circulation down there, more than the support to the precious jewels, prefer boxers.

If you wear boxers beneath your clothes, you are a no-fuss and low-maintenance man. You believe fashion to be a secondary choice to being in your skin. Friends know you as carefree and laidback. 

If you have a fit, muscular, or oval body type with a large torso, boxers will enhance your looks. Choose a stylish and classic printed one when you want to stay in for the day with your special one.



The fantastic boxer-brief was crafted by combining two diverse styles of underwear. It gives the best of both the boxer and the brief. Men who value ample support, maneuverability, and proper coverage to the genitals, hips, and thighs go for boxer-brief.

Do you love the versatile and comfy pair of boxer-brief? Then you have realised that this is the best style that is there. You are mature, in complete control, and one who knows his mind. You are considered classy and dependable. 

Boxer-brief is suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a solid-colored pair or the one with classic and timeless prints, boxer-brief will flatter your style on every occasion. 



Trunks are a variation of boxer-brief with shorter thigh coverage and a more snug fit. Men who favour impeccable fit love trunks. They are more likely to showcase their toned thighs while upping their seduction game.

If you choose trunks over other styles, you are regarded as sexy, charming, and a fitness enthusiast. You like to experiment with your looks and are socially outgoing.

Whether you are thin, fit, muscular, or have wide hips, a pair of trunks will suit you ideally. Just like boxer-briefs, you can pick any colour or subtle print as per your mood. You will be ready for the moment.


Thongs & Jockstrap

Thongs are underwear with traditional front coverage but only a thin strip at the back. A jockstrap is designed with a pouch in front and straps at the back joined at the waistband. Men who are involved in vigorous activities like to don on these two styles. Jockstraps are also typically used as sports underwear.

If you like to wear thongs and underwear under your daily clothes, you will attract views that are on the opposite ends. While your partner may be extremely appreciative of what it does to your form, it is best not to venture out in public.

Go for a thong or a jockstrap only if you have a body fit for a demi-god and blessed with an exuberant charm.



Going commando refers to not wearing any underwear. Well, either you are raw as hell or simply careless about your look and your manhood. If you like to be naked at home, it is your personal choice. But if stepping out without your underwear, you will be pegged down as awkward, unhygienic, and sloppy.


A mix of styles

Variety is the spice of life, and of your wardrobe, even your intimate drawer. If you are a guy who has a mix of underwear styles and wears them as per the outfit, occasion, and suitability, you are not easily defined. You have attained certain enlightenment in life and know that everything has its place and time.


Are you suddenly looking at your underwear and wondering what it says about you? If you want to know more about the best styles suited to your body type, read here.


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