Undie-standing Your Style Part 1: Finding the Right Underwear

Undie-standing Your Style Part 1: Finding the Right Underwear

Fashion trends may come and go but something that remains unchanged in your wardrobe is – an underwear. Although the fits hardly deviate from the classics like boxers, briefs, or the ever-loved boxer-brief, there have been some impressive innovations in fabric and style. From super comfortable loungewear to breathable activewear, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your undergarments for ones that provide the best comfort and support for your everyday lifestyle.

There’s more than one way to cover your nether region. That’s okay, options are good. But if you aren’t familiar with the terminology, choosing suitable undergarments becomes a whole lot more difficult. Here are the key styles you need to know before you start shopping.


Briefs have gone way beyond the reputation of the “tighty- whiteys” with a multitude of options at your beckon. They allow for much freer movement without having to constantly put up with the chagrin of chafing. Although they can be a staple in your everyday look, briefs are also for the charmer in you. It must be said that they can be attractive, giving same advantages as a boxer brief, except that it covers less and will look better.

However, men with wider hips may prefer the boxer brief for its more slimming cut. Briefs are kind of size-discriminatory. If you’ve got a good body, a pair of briefs allows you to show off the whole thing except what’s supposed to be concealed.


A favourite for most, trunks are the perfect pick for any body type, anywhere. Providing more coverage on the thighs but the snug fit of briefs, trunks are the support you deserve on your busy days and the style you prefer on your evenings out.

Trunks or boxers are a debatable style of underwear. Some men either love the roominess they provide, making you feel like you’re not wearing anything while lying down, or others hate the lack of support.

Trunks are a solution for every man trying to hide his chicken legs as the looser fit makes the body appear larger. Also, you can say goodbye to wedgies with this one. 

Boxer Briefs

Whether chosen for sleeping comfort, or their looser fit preference, boxer briefs are the underwear that most resemble shorts. Leg lengths may differ according to the purpose you need them for as the longer, lower thigh-length options are preferred by men who train hard, and athletic-conscious fabrics exist now that serve to wick away moisture and enhance breathability for intense athletic sessions.

Typically made from a lightweight, thin, breathable fabric, their full-coverage aspect allows for an early morning trip into the kitchen without making unsolicited visitors in your house blush.

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