7 Ways of Dealing with Your Underwear Blues

7 Ways of Dealing with Your Underwear Blues

1. Adjustment and Ride-up Woes

You all know the feeling of being in public as you feel your underwear slowly creep up your buttcrack with every step. The entire day can be a test of your patience as you find yourself adjusting over and over for longer and longer, eventually you’re giving everybody the wrong idea. Uncomfortable fabrics are the evil you have to put up with when you don’t want to shell out money for the comfort of well structured underwear. It’s better to be comfortable than sorry, right?



Well constructed underwear and fabrics that stay in place rather than rely on your need for adjustment are the way to go to avoid ride-ups. Almo prides itself in collections that are stitched to perfection for the wearer to move with comfort all day long.

2. Comfort vs sexiness

It’s date night and you really wanna impress that girl, so you pull out your special underwear hidden beneath a pile of carelessly strewn about underwear. But can you pull off the entire night in a fabric that’s going to have you shift and squirm while you try to get everything where it belongs?



What if we tell you there’s a way to look sexy and feel comfortable at the same time? Having knowledge of the right fabrics and going for trendier, minimalistic designs like that of Almo’s Organic Cotton White Range, will not only have you move with confidence, but also keep you snug all night long.

3. Dampness in your nook

It’s a hot summer day and the feeling of sweat droplets trickling down your privates can be quite annoying. That feeling of dampness that leaves you a sweaty mess in the summers is a sign that you need to switch your underwear for a fabric with higher breathability. Underwear in Modal Micro possess higher moisture wicking ability than cotton. A cool, dry underwear is the bliss you deserve to keep you functioning effortlessly all day, every day.

4. Itchiness and hair pinching

There are more unpleasantries that come along with dripping sweat apart from the dampness. The itchiness is more than just unpleasant, it is unhygienic too. Not only does it mean that you have more bacteria accumulating in your nether regions, but also puts you in a tough spot, especially if you are not in the confines of your own home.



Remember the familiar pain of hair pinching right as you’re trying to get into a comfortable position (underwear-wise)? It will only serve as a forgotten memory once you switch to our well-constructed range of underwear.

5. Waistband impressions and peeking

It was long back that peeking waistbands were considered “cool”. Now they’re characteristic of teenage boys trying too hard. That’s not it, just like women, men face the issue of peeking underwear lines with body-hugging pants too! And it’s not everyday that we see men wearing g-strings to consciously hide their underpants.



Comfortable and snug underwear are your bestfriends when trying to avoid showing more than you want to. After all, some things should be left to imagination.

6. Chafing

Chafing is a recurrent problem but when it lingers longer than you expected, it can be quite annoying. Caused because of sweat, rubbing of your privates with the men’s underwear or even if your outfit’s fabric rubs against the skin, chafing is a common thing every man goes through. The hot summer months are torture, but the worst part is that chafing does not limit itself to a particular season. It is around to disrupt your comfort in the winters as well.The best bet to avoid this is to stay dry down there,wear men’s boxers that are spacious and comfortable and relax till it heals. Another little hack of life that has helped many men in their quest to prevent chafing is – talcum powder.

7. Right sizing

This is probably the most commonplace men’s underwear problem that they face often. Haven’t we all ended up buying underwear that looked sexy on the box but turned out to be a big disappointing mess when you opened it to try out? Some of us also tend to spend less time than we should in picking out regular men’s underwear which tends to end up being too tight or too loose on the manhood.



Investing in the right size should be your top priority because your comfort, support and how you actually feel down there are all dependent on the size of your men’s underwear.

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