Do’s and Dont's to Increase the Life of Your Undergarments

Do’s and Dont's to Increase the Life of Your Undergarments

Don’t we all love the feeling of fresh underwear when the colors are bright, the waistband is taut and the fabric feels soft against your skin? If only there was a way to make that feeling last longer. Well, there is! Most people are quick to disregard wash instructions, blaming busy schedules to care for a garment that is the first thing they put on.

However, with a little care and a few extra minutes of effort, you’ll have a drawer full of undergarments that last longer and look better. Here are a few tips to take the best care of your underwear:


Washing in cold water

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The best laundry advice is to wash colors in cold water. Most detergents have advanced over the years and do not require hot water to work their magic. Cold water works just as well and is more suitable to retain that sheen of the fabric.

Use laundry wash bags with like colors

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Washing like colors together is essentially the difference between the joy of a fresh load of laundry and the horror of finding all your whites a shade of pink or blue because you forgot to separate your clothes in the correct piles. Using laundry bags will go a long way in keeping your undergarments from losing shape and increasing the longevity of both the fabric and elastic.

Gentle wash

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We realise that you can’t hand-wash our undies everytime, but what you can do is put your delicates in a wash bag and use the machine’s gentle cycle. It will ensure that there is less pressure on the fabric so that it doesn’t lose shape over time.

Tumble dry low heat

If you do tumble dry your clothes, remember, the less heat the better. Overdrying is detrimental, especially for bright colours, as the heat and friction can cause fading earlier than usual. Clothes should still be a little damp when you pull them out.


Fabric Softener & Bleach

Fabric softener is a nightmare for microfiber fabrics. These fabrics are already so soft that there is no need to go that extra step. Even for cotton, fabric softeners should be a strict no-no. Bleach on the other hand, weakens the fabric over time and should not be used, especially if you want your underwear to last long.

No wring

Twisting of wringing your clothes stretches out the fabric, again leading to de-shaping of your underwear. It is best to let them line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Also,rubbing them can cause pilling due to the fiction. Pilling are the ugly little balls you see on the fabric when it starts getting worn out.

No iron

Your undergarments are made with the softest fabrics to keep you comfortable.Introducing them to too much unnatural heat can lead to the burning of the filament thread in the fabric which then causes an irritation/prickly feeling. It also decreases the strength of the fabric as well as make the garment lose its shine sooner.

No dry clean

The best way to care for your undergarments is to hand-wash them or use a gentle cycle in your machine. Dry cleaning is unnecessarily harsh on the fabric and should be avoided at all costs.

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