Reasons To Get Yourself Almo Dark Collection Right Now

Reasons To Get Yourself Almo Dark Collection Right Now

Almo Dark Collection - Stylish Underwear for Men

Almo’s constant endeavor has been revolutionizing men's underwear styles and men's underwear types. From classic briefs to boxer briefs and men's trunks - Almo men's essential wear have the right combination of style and comfort.

With the all-new Almo Dark Collection, we aim to cater to all your needs all at the same time.

The Dark Collection is an exclusive range that combines the finest characteristics of the Almo underwear but with little twists and surprises to add extra zing and flair.

Want to know what makes the Dark Collection special? Let's take a look!


The MicroModal Fabric

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The black fabric used in the dark collection is made of the micromodal fibers that are sourced from Europe and brought here to you in India to give you a tailor-made experience that encapsulates all elements of comfort, support, and style. The fabric has ultra-softness (3X softer than cotton) which comes with an added no fade feature to make your undergarments last longer while retaining the quality.

The no-ride-up fabric gives you comfort all day no matter what you decide you wear for the day. Be it your work pants, or your denims the dark collection is the perfect choice to wear under. 


The Colourful Romance - Men's Underwear Style Redefined

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The classic black colour underwear has a colourful and elegant spin added to the waistbands, giving an ultra-modern and chic look.The black colour contrasts well with the color combinations and gives adds an oomph factor.

The waistbands come in five colour options, Wine, Army Green, Navy, Dark Grey, and Black.Apart from being impeccably dapper, the no-roll-up waistbands add sophistication to any outfit you wear. 

 Undergarments For Men With Lasting Freshness

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At Almo, we understand the need of maintaining hygiene and long-lasting freshness. The Anti-Microbial technology backed by HEIQ Swiss Tech that works tirelessly to eliminate any bad odours make your underwear smell refreshing. We ensure to integrate into all our product ranges. In the Dark Collection also, you will experience 24*7 unmatched freshness.

The Almo Dark Collection is an indulgence that’s brings sophistication, elegance and comfort packed together. So, what’s the wait for, get yours now!

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