What’s In The Size?

What’s In The Size?

When it comes to buying yourself an underwear, especially online it can get a little confusing to some people. Most of the time guys are sceptical of the sizes and the fit the underwear brand will have. 

But if you have the right measurements, it’s a piece of cake.

Wondering how to measure your underwear size properly? We have the perfect solution for you.

The only thing you must do is locate your waist. Sounds stupid? Well, this is the most common mistake people make while measuring. The exact point that you must locate is where the top of your hip meets the bottom of your rib cage.

Once you have the exact point, take a measurement tape and wrap it around. Voila! You have your exact waist measurement.

The next step is to find you size. Here’s our size chart for your reference.


Now, let’s get to another point. We have noticed that while shopping for undergarments, be it online or offline men tend to be shy about their size. There’s nothing that should stop you from being confident about your body. Whatever be the size, Small of Extra Extra Large, there’s nothing to hide. 

At Almo, we have now launched XXL sizes across all our ranges. We are glad to introduce all sizes and provide the Almo Experience that comprises superior quality, fit, style and comfort.


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