Best underwears for different body type

Best underwears for different body type

Every day, the first item of clothing you put on yourself is underwear. Perhaps, the most overlooked item when dedicating time for shopping for it. Perfect underwear should not only make you look great but also make you feel great.

Why should you give underwear so much importance when it is going to be concealed and covers a small area of the body anyways? It has to be because it is the first layer of clothing you put, it covers one of the important parts of your body, where being comfortable is of utmost importance.

Underwear shopping mainly is influenced by fabric, size, and price. Wrong fit and style will make you feel you are wearing something too big or too small, too sagging or causing constant wedgies. Right fit and style, on the other hand, could accentuate your best features and hide your faults. It is as much about the correct fit as well as the right kind for your body type.

With our guide, you can now choose a perfect style for your body type and feel great from within.

Body Types:

Let us first define the major male body types. Broadly, we have 5 categories under which most men would fall.

  1. Thin or the ‘Rectangle’ body shape

With this body type, the width of the shoulders is roughly the same as that of the waist and hips. Also known as ‘Slim’

  1. Fit or the ‘Perfect’ body shape

This body type is also known as the ‘Perfect’ body type for men. While the shoulders are broad with a well-developed chest, the hips and waist are narrower but not disproportionately. Also known as ‘Toned’

  1.       Muscular or the ‘V’ body shape

The body type of the Gymming Gods with bulky muscles, men falling under this category have an athletic build. With well-developed shoulders and chest, the hips and waist are considerably narrower.

  1. Wide-Hipped or the ‘Triangle’ body shape

This body type can be called the typical ‘Dad-Bod’. The waist and hips are larger compared to the chest.

  1. Large waist or the ‘Oval’ body shape

This body type has a rounder stomach, with the torso being wider than shoulders and hips. Men under this category carry a little extra weight, especially in the middle, with slimmer legs.

Once, you know which body type you belong to, you can come down to choosing the correct fit for yourself.



Rectangle - Thin

Perfect - Fit

V Shape - Muscular

Triangle –


Oval - 

Large Torso












Briefs have the tightest fit over the crotch area, supporting the genitals well. It can also highlight your, ahem, “package”. Ideal for Thin, Fit, and Muscular body types, briefs allow showing off a good body shape without accentuating the slimness much. For men with a large torso, larger thighs, and wider hips, a pair of briefs might be a tad uncomfortable.

Boxer briefs

As is clear from the name, this underwear style combines the close fit of the briefs and the shape of boxers. While the genitals are well supported, there is more coverage of the thigh area. The most versatile style of men’s underwear, boxer briefs are just right for all body types. Nothing is too loose, too tight, or too exposed.  


Trunks are different than the boxer briefs in the coverage of the thighs. Trunks have shorter thigh coverage and have a tighter fit than boxer briefs. They are ideal for Thin, Fit, Muscular, and Wide-Hipped body types. However, they are not very suitable for an ‘Oval’ body type because of their close fit to the body.


Boxers are meant for comfort and freedom. Great with a body type that does not have thin legs; boxers are more donned in the comfort of home, down for a lazy day. The leg openings of boxers are not meant to stay close to the skin, so they are a little wider than the thighs when you wear them. Ideal for Large Torso, Fit and Muscular body types.


We hope now that you understand much better, the forever overlooked, but very important piece of clothing, the underwear. Now, get the perfect one that complements your body type!

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