Briefs vs Trunks vs Boxer briefs vs Boxers

Briefs vs Trunks vs Boxer briefs vs Boxers

Going underwear shopping and confused about which one to pick? Confused about whether boxers meet your needs or would briefs solve your purpose?  You might prefer a certain style but the best choice would be to go by what your body suggests and your comfort.  The main purpose of your underwear is to protect the little big guy and cover it from public viewing. You would want something that does that and suits your style, preferences, and the occasion you are dressing up for. 

Here we discuss the most commonly available style options of boxers, briefs, and trunks and explore what they offer.


This style on the other hand is preferred by folks who like things in control. If you like well-fitted things, briefs are your first choice. A universal style, briefs find their way into every guy’s closet. For long days at work, sitting in meetings, or running around with the sales team, briefs provide you the perfect support and fit you need for day-long comfort. 

For a body type that’s thin, lean, fit, and muscular, briefs would complement that greek god type body of yours.

If you prefer to dress up in tight, well-fitted clothes, you wouldn’t want any bulges of extra clothing appearing. Thus you should be opting for briefs to go with your wardrobe. They provide support and protection and leave you feeling more secure. 


This style is a perfect blend of comfort and support. Trunks have a design that’s similar to boxers but shorter in length and they fit the body as briefs do.  They are a universal design and are found in most of the wardrobes.

No matter your size, trunks tend to suit most of the body types. Whether you are too bulky in the middle or too thin, trunks are something that complements every frame. 

If you like to dress up in low-rise jeans or pants, trunks should be your pick. They are also a preferred style for adventure-seeking guys, travelers, and those who are always on the run.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs bring the best of the boxer world and brief world together. They are just like boxers except that they fit like briefs. The difference between them and trunks is that boxer briefs are a bit longer in length and cover at least half of the leg. Boxer briefs have strategic designs that place the seams in a manner preventing them from gathering up or riding up and create an uncomfortable feeling.

Boxer briefs are best suited for guys with muscular built, athletes, or folks who focus on workouts. This style of underwear is best suited for a well-maintained body. The boxer briefs resonate well with athletes and people who are always on the run.  It’s bound to find its way in the wardrobe of all those guys who are into fitness. 


If you like things loose down there, breezy, and enjoy the shorts type fit. Nothing provides more comfort than a pair of boxers. At the end of the day, when you are unwinding or just running some weekend errands or getting ready to hit the bed and are prone to going commando, boxers become your preferred choice

For a body type that’s fit, lean, muscular, or an oval body shape with a bulging belly, boxers could be a safe and comfortable choice. For a thin body, boxers help cover up the slight disproportions and give you the confidence of a more full guy.

If you are dressing up in loose clothing, you could opt for the comfort of boxers. But in case you are dressed up in business formals or more fitted clothes, boxers could spoil the look because the crease from all that extra material could bulge out. Boxers should be your last choice if you are hitting the gym or the playground for any sport.

That said, boxers form a part of every guy across the world. Nothing says comfort like boxers. It’s so comfortable that sometimes your girl might want to slip into it and get that (or your) feel.


Hope this helps you get a better understanding of different styles and designs. Next time you go underwear shopping, you would know exactly what style to buy for yourself. If you are trying to find your fit, you might want to try the different styles which complement your body type and find then settle for that perfect fit.


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