June Is Men's Health Month!

June Is Men's Health Month!

Creating Men's Health Awareness


June is celebrated every year as Men’s Health Month, to create awareness about the health and wellness problems faced by men. The main objective is to generate public awareness about preventable health concerns and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases affecting men.

Men usually have an unbothered attitude regarding their health. Compared to women, men are twice more likely to ignore symptoms and avoid seeing a doctor. One of their favorite pastimes includes time and effort spent on caring for personal gadgets and machines. The attitude towards self-care and personal hygiene also needs similar efforts, if not more, considering that this is for your body and mind.

 Physical and mental wellness means much more than the absence of diseases. It signifies adopting practices that promote a robust and healthy lifestyle, prevent falling sick, and help manage illness in a better way. Hygiene and self-care form a crucial part of wellness. Small changes in daily habits have an incremental value.

Here are the top 9 health risks that men are prone to get affected by:

Heart disease – is the leading cause of fatality worldwide. It is caused by a variety of factors including unhealthy diet, sedentary life, and alcohol and drug consumption among others.

Lung and chronic respiratory diseases – it is the leading cancer killer among men. Tobacco has been identified as the cause of more than 90% of lung cancer.

Hypertension - commonly known as high blood pressure, men are prone to suffer from it more than women. Lack of physical activity coupled with smoking and an unhealthy diet among other factors can cause hypertension.

Alcohol – It has been noted that men consume alcohol twice as much as women. They also face higher alcohol-related hospitalizations, casualties, and participation in crimes and aggressions.

Accidents and injuries – men tend to engage in reckless behaviors and take stupid risks to appear adventurous and hip. These often result in brain injury traumas, accidents related to fireworks, drowning and motor vehicle emergencies, and fatalities.

Prostate cancer – The Prostate is the gland that secretes fluids that help in ejaculation. With age, the gland also grows in size and can lead to cancer. It is one of the most common cancers among men.

Diabetes – an unhealthy lifestyle adds to the risk of having high blood sugar levels. It affects the blood vessels and nerves leading to kidney damage, heart disease, stroke, and vision problems.

Mental wellness – Depression is not just a bad mood, sadness, or a rough patch, it also affects the body and overall health. Men suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. There is greater awareness of women's mental health. Less focus on men's mental health could be due to the deep-rooted perception that men are mentally tougher and seeking out help is not seen manly.

Sexual health – Sexual health problems mainly include erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, and male infertility. Erectile Dysfunction signifies the inability to have an erection or sustain it long enough for satisfying sexual activity. Early screening and treatment should be availed for better sexual wellness.

Being aware and acknowledging health problems are the major first steps for building a healthy and good life. For a nourishing lifestyle, small and persistent changes go a long way.

Below are the main tips we have for improving your mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health.

  1. Maintain hygiene and self-care routine – a basic self-care schedule is essential for that daily dose of feeling good. It includes proper grooming, feeling good, and wearing comfortable intimates and clothes.
  2. Active lifestyle – the health benefits of exercising and sports cannot be emphasized enough. It can be in the form of running, walking, swimming, gym-ming or playing any sport. Getting up and moving improves not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.
  3. Eat fresh and natural – the food you eat highly influences your body and mood. A balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables impacts the body and mind positively. Drinking water and cutting down on carbonized drinks keep the body hydrated.
  4. Sleep – most of us don’t get the recommended amount of sleep. The ever-connected phones and computers keep us awake a long time past bedtime. Keep your phone down and allow yourself to sleep longer and better.
  5. Regular health check-up – if you feel something is wrong with your health, see a doctor. Regular check-ups are a great way to screen many health issues at the very start and prevent them from becoming serious problems.
  6. Cut down on alcohol and tobacco – excessive alcohol consumption leads to injuries, cancer, kidney and liver issues, and psychological problems. It also affects personal relationships. Tobacco consumption is the leading cause of lung cancer. Overuse of any of these leads to poor quality of sleep and an increase in anxiety levels.
  7. Take care of your prostate – as you grow old, prostate problems will arise. A low-fat and healthy diet helps keep the enlargement of the prostate in check and lowers the risk of prostate cancer.
  8. Being not okay is absolutely fine – the concept of ‘manliness’ has changed over time. It is not a sign of weakness to admit that you are not doing okay. Asking for help is an act of courage and goes a long way toward having a healthy life.
  9. Maintain and nourish relationships – one should not underestimate the importance of human interaction. Keeping in touch with family and friends is vital for healthy relationships. They form a support system and provide help in the time of need.
  10. Enjoy life – Look forward to doing things you love. Being involved in a hobby, practicing meditation, doing yoga or any other relaxation technique add vigor and vitality to your life. Take some time off to unwind and rejuvenate before going back to the hectic humdrum of life.

These are some of the ways you prioritize things that matter to your health and wellness. Commit to your own body and mind for a healthy and fulfilling life. Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

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