Almo a sustainable and ethical brand for conscious comfort

Almo a sustainable and ethical brand for conscious comfort

Looking to increase your sustainability footprint in life? Make more ethical and sustainable choices. Some practices that you can easily inculcate in your lifestyle are to eat more plant-based food, limit travels that use fossil fuel, and buy clothing that is made from adopting sustainable practices.

 The late 90s and early 2000s saw an unprecedented consumption fuelled by fast fashion. Fast fashion refers to mass-produced, cheap quality clothing churned out every season, which leaves a huge negative impact on the environment.

 There is a growing awareness about the need for a balancing environmental impact and what we consume. Consumers are increasingly opting for more eco-friendly choices. Although least obvious, a big area of impact is your drawer of underwear.

At Almo, we firmly believe in owning up to our responsibility towards our planet, and our role in pushing environmentally friendly consumption. As our commitment, all our clothes, including underwear, loungewear, and topwear, are made from sustainable materials using ethical and eco-friendly practices.

 Dario MicroModal Innerwear

Almo MicroModal uses TENCEL™ Modal fibers (with Microtechnology), sourced from Europe and incorporated along with the Siro Spinning technique to give you light & soft innerwear with an immaculate fit.

 TENCEL™ MODAL is environment positive and sourced from the sustainably managed forests (FSC & PEFC certified) of Europe and manufactured using multiple Lenzing innovations to make the process environmentally sound. It is certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, and marine conditions.

TENCEL™ fibers retain long-lasting color vibrancy more than conventionally dyed fibers that use polluting chemicals, and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.

You can browse and choose your pick from our Dario MicroModal collection of Trunks, Briefs, Boxer-briefs, Vests, and Undershirts, here.


Rico Organic Cotton Innerwear

Cotton is the most widely grown crop in the world & also one of the most chemical-dependent. At Almo, we are aware and mindful of this impact and therefore we have opted for a more sustainable alternative in the form of GOTS-approved Organic Cotton. 

Organic Cotton is cultivated using techniques that aim to maintain & replenish soil fertility, reduce the consumption of water, and minimize the use of fertilizers & pesticides while creating fiber that is softer & richer than conventional cotton. Organic cotton reduces the environmental footprint and promotes the healthy livelihood of farmers.

Certified by Global Organic Textile Standard

The organic cotton used by Almo is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The certification ensures the organic status of the textile used right from harvesting of the crop to socially responsible and environmentally conscious manufacturing up to the labeling. This provides a credible assurance to the consumers.

To check out and choose from our Rico collection of Trunks, Briefs, Vests, and T-Shirts, click here.

Fresco – BCI Cotton Range

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a holistic program for sustainable cotton production. It is one of the largest cotton sustainability programs worldwide and covers the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic.


The Better Cotton we use is a mix of different cotton fibers sourced via the Mass Balance system, which allows more farmers and businesses to access sustainable methods and fabrics.

BCI trains farmers to use water more efficiently, reducing the use of water more efficiently, and increasing yields and profits for them.

BCI is not only good for the environment and also for your skin. Choose your pick from our stylish and comfortable loungewear collection of Shorts, Track pants, and Vests here.

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