Boxers - The Most Comfortable Underwear!

Boxers - The Most Comfortable Underwear!

Who doesn’t own a pair of boxers? Only someone who is still living under the rocks!

Boxers are one of the most popular underwear styles for men. Resembling a pair of shorts, boxers are the epitome of comfort in the world of underwear.  

Boxers are quite a hit among boys and young men who consider boxers to be cool and edgy. They love to show off their boxers with a sneak peek under a pair of sagging jeans, adding a notch up to their sexy and stylish appearance. Even women love it so much that you can see many of them hopping to the men’s underwear section and purchasing quite a few of these comfy pairs for themselves.

 Also known as boxer-shorts, they were initially designed for boxers in 1925, as trunks with elastic bands. This new design provided unhindered legwork to the boxing fighters. Later, the military issued them to the soldiers where it gained popularity due to the freedom and comfort it gave. Gradually, boxers became an integral part of the intimate wardrobe for men, here to stay for good.

Boxers are perfect for unwinding and lazing around in the comfort of your home. If you have a body type that is fit, lean, muscular, or an oval body shape, boxers are a safe and comfy choice. If you have a thin body, boxers can help give you the confidence of a fuller guy by covering up the minor disproportions. Boxers do very well in providing a more padded look and help to dress up your thighs. Since they look a lot like shorts, they make the lower body look bigger.

For many men, it is an ideal attire to wear while going to bed. You can easily use boxers as comfortable sleepwear, giving you a free and breezy feel down there. Boxers also help to add a bit of spice and intimacy to relationships when women raid their partners’ underwear drawer to don their favorite comfy pair.


The all-new Almo boxers – Havana Collection

Missing the vacation feels? We’ve got you covered. Presenting the ultimate collection of boxers for you to lounge in style, the Almo Havana Collection is here. You are no more limited to choices of boxers in drab colors and boring check prints. The Havana Collection comes in four fun and chic colors, Sunset Pink, Breezy Blue, Tropical Green, and Sporty Navy.

 The Havana collection is made from a super soft fabric that is softer than regular cotton, and in line with our commitment to sustainable practices. It comes with a back pocket for a hip look and buttons in the front for easy access to your manhood. The anti-microbial properties of the fabric ensure that your area down under is free from all kinds of infections while you sleep or lounge around.

Increase your style and comfort quotient today! Check out the all-new Havana collection here and buy yourself a brand new pair now.

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