What Is Loungewear

What Is Loungewear

Build your own loungewear wardrobe

Want to look stylish and yet be comfortable! Loungewear, a clothing category, has been making waves in the fashion world. It is something that defines 'Comfort in Fashion'. The recent spike in remote and work-from-home mode due to the coronavirus pandemic has ensured that the trend is here to stay. The question now has moved to what exactly qualifies as loungewear.

Are they pajamas that you can sleep in or the jeans that you wear while stepping out?? The meaning is present in the word itself- comfortable, loose-fitting clothing meant for lounging or lazing around. Think of track pants paired with simple yet premium t-shirts.

So, in essence, it is a casual clothing piece that is also appropriate when you want to step out for running an errand, meeting a friend at your favorite hang-out stop, entertaining guests for an informal meet at home, or sweating it out on a run, jog or in the gym. With the increasing work from home phenomena, this category has become a hit. For these reasons, a modern loungewear wardrobe is now an essential part of every man's closet.

Types of Loungewear

Multiple clothing articles belong to this category. They can be your warm fleece hoodies to the loose and comfy pajamas you wear every day. Loungewear is clothing suitable for you to move around with ease and comfort.

The world today has moved on from boring old worn out clothes they earlier used as loungewear to super stylish, versatile and comfortable loungewear options. Some of the most comfy loungewear wardrobe items are:


moisture-wicking fabrics


Basic cotton t-shirts made from premium fabric, which look stylish and keeps one comfortable and fresh, form the core of the loungewear wardrobe for men. Neutral and soothing color shades make them perfect to wear at home or outdoors.

Track pants

Track Pants


These comfortable pants are no longer worn only for the gym or inside the house. You can confidently wear them outdoors as well. Everyone today owns a pair of track pants, be it celebs, players, or the office crowd. You can always dress up or dress down with these, depending on the occasion. The trend of wearing track pants while traveling has also increased. One can always spot smartly dressed celebs donning a pair of cool and stylish track pants.


Comfortable Loungewear


Vests are best suited for your daily run, going to the gym, or lazing around at home. Superior quality fabric and moisture-wicking capability can make you feel fresh for a long time. You can always dress up by pairing it up with an open shirt while stepping out to meet friends.


Breathable Shorts


Stylish, plain, and comfortable shorts are something you will find in every man's closet. They are versatile, perfect for hot and humid weather, and fit well in numerous settings. To play sports, run errands, go shopping for your groceries, invite friends and family to get together, shorts are suitable for every occasion.

Styling your loungewear

The functionality of loungewear depends a lot on how appropriately you accessorize it, keeping in mind the activity at hand.

A pair of comfortable flip-flops with shorts and t-shirts are perfect for lounging at home, but not very suitable for meeting someone. However, pairing them with stylish sneakers or canvas shoes will completely change the look and make you all ready for that café visit to meet your friends. On the other hand, pairing it with a blazer will get you ready for an online meeting with your co-workers and clients in no time. Now that’s clever Business wear!

Comparing Loungewear vs Athleisure vs Sleepwear

A sort of debate crops up comparing these three apparel categories. The lines of difference are not very clearly defined. 

Athleisure wear is a clothing style that caters to clothes worn for athletic activities and can be used as daily casual wear. Because people find them so comfortable, they sometimes replace their comfy lounge clothes with Athleisure. 

Sleepwear or bedroom clothes pertain to super comfy clothes used to sleep in and can be worn when staying at home. Because of their snuggly nature, these comfortable clothes find their way from bedroom to lounge easily.

Almo Loungewear

At Almo, we believe in providing you with the most comfortable wear and that too made from sustainable fabrics. Each of our items is made from one of three materials:

  • Rico Organic Cotton is made from 100% GOTS-approved cotton, which has high moisture wicking capacity, keeping you fresh and comfortable yet stylish. 

Almo loungewear available -  T-shirt and Vest

  • Dario MicroModal Fibre - sourced from sustainable forest of Europe, the TENCELTMmicro modal fiber gives your a perfect blend of breathability, stretchability, and softness. 

Almo loungewear available - Undershirt and Vest

  • Fresco BCI Cotton - Our BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton is softer than regular cotton. With this fabric, we give you clothing that is anti-microbial, anti-odor, and breathable.

Almo loungewear available - Shorts, Track pants, and Vest



Loungewear gives you the flexibility to be sharply dressed all through the day without making you uncomfortable.  These comfortable, loose fitted casual clothes provide the perfect balance between comfort and style, all day. This versatility makes it a matter of seconds for you to ease into the work mode or the gym mode or just laze around and be in the lounge mode. So, browse through our Loungewear section and choose ease and style for every day comfort


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